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  1. Good luck to everyone and be safe!!!! Plus.... Check out my new avatar!!!!! I have a new hero!!!!!
  2. cool dude..

    just wish he'd shoot more..

  3. ragsproshooter

    Which one?

    Have someone do them. Waist time at the computer or shoot.
  4. ragsproshooter


    It is all so simple...... Just remember: "Focus on the rear sight and yank the trigger." That will get you those "D's" you are looking for, plus it will minimize all of the "C's".
  5. Again, I just want to point out that I am not looking for a shooting school........ I was just courious everyones opinion on a school they had been to.
  6. If I come back are you guys going to spot me any points?
  7. I am not looking for a shooting school.... I was more just courious what everyone else thought about one that they have been too. This was intended to be a topic of comparison.
  8. It really does not matter what applicaton......... Any shooting school is what I was wondering about.
  9. Just a thought: You can not make the dot appear. It has to appear on its own. There are many things you can try but this will be the simplest.... Get into your stance adn drw with your eyes closed. After you are at full draw and settled, open your eyes and see where the dot is. If you can see it without moving the gun, you are 99% there. If you can't see it, figure out where the dot is without moving your wrists. Moving your wrists will alter your grip and cause more problems. Move at the waist, knees and very slightly at the shoulders (do not move your head). Once the dot is in the center of the glass, close your eyes for a couple of seconds. When you open them it should still be there. If it is not, readjust and try again. If it is, close your eyes again and pull the gun back toward your body. Push it back out to "full extension" and open your eyes after everything has settled. If the dot is there, you are very well on your way, if it is not, try again. What you are doing is trying to isolate specific body motions and refine them. I agree that we need to see what is going on, but with our eyes being the fastest muscle, then tend to see inprofections as they occur and direct the changes as necessary. If you can teach yourself to present the gun with the right form, when the eye sees that the dot will be off, it will be a much cleaner, smoother, therefore fore faster "dot find". I hope this helps!!!
  10. Stay away from putting tape over the left eye!!!! This will just make things very difficult later. If he is cross dominant, teach him to shoot left handed with a long gun. If you try to fight the dominance issue, you will loose everytime.
  11. Who know........ if the ducks aren't flying I just might show up with a Revo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ragsproshooter


    One more thing, remember video games are an approved training tool!!!!
  13. ragsproshooter


    All I can say is, "One time at band camp......"
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