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  1. Fellas, this bike is AWSOME, incredible how I still feel great after a ride, unlike on my hardtail it felt like Hughes had been working on my kidneys, 4" of travel is like I'm riding around in my lazy boy. I wish I had spent the money earlier, I would be in much better shape due to being able to stay on the trail longer, however I dont ride to be in shape its just a biproduct, I love the outdoors and trails, experiencing the ride, riding a trail for the first time having to react to the trail is a rush. As far as the shocks, the SPV doesn't need a lock out, no bob, I can stand and climb, it's amazing how far the technology has come. I second a stage where you could ride and shoot the best of both worlds Take care Jamie
  2. Hey fella's just got this today. First full suspenion can't wait to get back in town for the ride. Take care Jamie
  3. Hello All, glad to have meet so many of the BE'rs, it's always a pleasure. Had a great time with all 1 STI 2 Brazo 3 .40 4 185 Precession 5 iron rear, green fiber front 6 CR Had an awsome crew to work with Thanks Mark, Micheal, Randy, Brian it ran as smooth as glass. I heard we might still have Area 6 agian next year. Take care Jamie
  4. Hey Eric, if you find some good mountain bike trails it wont take long to whip you back in shape, good thing is it's not hard on the knee's. take care Jamie http://singletracks.com/
  5. I agree with you quick draw, if it's just a convience store or a wal mart, but these are business I have to deal with, besides what happens if we do nothing and all business adopt's this additude, or I could just move to Montana and live off the land. I do like the Ohio card, but in handing them the card they might figure out your carrying. I just dont see how we got to this point, where a legal law abiding person carrying a gun is unwelcomed, in my opnion it's telling the bad guys this is the place you want to stick up cause everyone abiding by the law is unarmed.
  6. We Were Soldiers Mel Gibson: " I think maybe you ought to get yourself that M - 16." Sam Elliott: " Time comes I need one, there'll be plenty of 'em lying on the ground."
  7. I am getting feed up with seeing a gun with a line through it, or the words no guns allowed at places I do bussiness with, my bank, wharehouse I buy supplies, a local aquarium. I would like to have a legal document to hand these places that state if you will not allow me to protect family you are soley responsible and will be held accountable by me if any harm comes our way. Generally this doesn't stop me unless they have metal detectors, however I am getting feed up with dealing with this asinine way of thinking. take care Jamie.
  8. Hey Forensics Doc, of the 8.2 does that mean 8 people 2 midgets take care Jamie
  9. Jamie McG

    Say What....?

    .45 and 2 A should solve that problem.
  10. Jamie McG

    Store Wars

    Mark was it coincidence that you posted that after lunch
  11. On a ford I'd Rather be Stroked then Ramed
  12. Hey Ronnie don't be given my Brownies away, I'm stingie with my Brownies
  13. Ronnie, are the brownies a pay off not to shoot against you , or are you just being nice. either way sure why not have a shoot off.
  14. I guess for me it's technical, being able to shoot and shooting IPSC are almost two different things in a sence. Knowing when to use which focus was a big part to my game, or better yet knowing when to change that focus. The way I grade myself is on others, not saying that is correct, but when I started I picked someone as a goal and when I could bet them consistantly I would pick a higher person, I still can ge my butt handed to me by someone I passed up, but that is because they're also improveing, but it's nice ever once in a while to bet a M on a stage. I think the difference between a B(which I am) and a M is consistancy, I can lay on the line and put down a good run but not ever stage. Emotioins has just started playing a role recently, I believe it becouse I demand so much of myself and hopefully will overcome this stage in my game soon. Jamie
  15. Hey all, just found out I'll be working on stage 7, stop by and say hello and if you feel the need you can shoot the stage. Can't wait to meet more BE'rs. By the way the RO really loves Brownies Take care Jamie
  16. Thanks to everyone that put on this great match, weather was very accomadating, it was nice to get to meet Shooter Girl,(thanks for watching our bags) take care Jamie
  17. We just shot this classifier this wkend, a M class shot it the fastest with only a 52% somethings wrong with this classifier I am only B class with 1 make up shot on paper I had a 49%(6.94 1 pt down), I can usually have a mike on a classifier and still be in the mid to high 50's. anyway shooting this thing correct I dont see how someone could shoot it in the mid 3's
  18. Shred cool pics, I like the construction feel of the sigle stack. Jamie
  19. meerged threads Is it legal to remove a mag release button in between stages?
  20. Ted, down here in GA, if there's a miss we dont paste it till you have a chance to look at it. Jamie
  21. For what it's worth, a Raleigh was my first bike, good on road, but when I took it into the woods, front spocket the first week, derailer next week, bent crank arm (not from wrecking). went back into the bike store and they sugested a more sutible bike for off raod use I setteled on a Gary Fischer Kaitai hard tail front Rock shock Judy, new $800 I would sugest getting a post shock which gives you 1" of travel for your tuchy, which will be needed. I would also recomend clip in pedals, it takes a few rides to get use to them and not fail over when you come to a stop, but well worth it on the uphill climbs. Its like any other hobby you will find that you can drop some cash down in the first year I spent around $3,000 in start up (shorts, shirts, helment, gloves, shoes, camlebak, repair tools to keep with you on the ride, it suck to walk your bike out) the guys are right stay with Shimano parts you want be sorry, and stay away from the big dept stores they have name brands but they're the lowest end and never put together properly, it would be worth your time to go to town to a bike shop. Jamie
  22. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I'll tell you this, after expierence it first hand if I know the shooter and they want to unload in this manner they will be OR'd by someone else. I think pretty soon there will be no one left run these show boats.
  23. Today at the range I was watching a friend eject and catch his last round. I have warned many other shooters in the past. For a reason I am not sure of I did the same, but with a more different result the caseing hit the ejector and went off. I was lucky that I only recieved minor preferation to my chest causeing some superficial bleeding and three holes in my new shirt. A good friend was to my right 2 to 3 feet away picking up brass and got a piece of the brass lodged in the hard plastic surrounding his ear protection. I'm glad he had them on, if he only had ear plugs that piece would of lodged in his skin instead. That was the first and last time that I will ever do that again, and hope in posting this that those who practice this way of unloading will stop and think about what might happen. take care Jamie
  24. We will have our 2nd Area 6 3-gun match at South River GA. May 14-16
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