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  1. I do not stock the 45 mags, I do not like them, they do not stack properly. I have done some for people they seem to work for them with std basepads 10rnds.
  2. Yes EAA and Mecgar are the same. There is a little more to it then some say to get it right. You have to machine the right side to the proper depth to have the mag sit at the proper height. You need to machine- the left side for the slide stop, the very top rear notch so the slide does not hit, the mag catch height and the feed lips depending on the caliber. You also need the caspian style base pads. Like I said, I have mag bodies, Grams spring/followers, base pads for these. I have converted around 1000 of these mags.
  3. I have Caspian mags in 9mm, 38 super, .40 and 10mm. They are converted EAA tubes with Grams spring and followers. I build all the Dan Wesson Elite series 1911s, high cap (Caspian) pistols and have used these magazines for years. I can not send them out of the US. Email me at krebaum@sbcglobal.net and I can send you an information sheet.
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