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  1. I also have had problems with Hornady OneShot case lube leaving a sticky residue, it's fine when first applied but come back in about 2 weeks and the rounds are all gummy. Fwiw, the CMP ships 200 rounds of 30-06 loose in an ammo-can via FedEx with no problems.... After riding around on a bumpy truck ride, being dropped on the floor, etc.
  2. One more reason why I won't stay at a Marriott again: http://www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2014/10/hotel-wi-fi FWIW, last time I stayed at a Marriott it has a serious "nickel and dime you to death" attitude. They had "free" WiFi but its seriously crippled, trying to force you to pay extra for "upgraded WiFi" just to get something that works. Other hotels are better value, IMO.
  3. What they all said: get a collet bullet puller. Hornady cam-lock is fast.
  4. I went down this road a few years ago. Taurus 1911 in 9mm stainless, for steel challenge. Had a lot of jamming issues. The gun would run fine for a 50 round range session, but when I tried to run a Steel Challenge match I was getting all sorts of erratic extraction and stovepipe jams. Has to send it back to Taurus twice. Many people told me I needed to get it worked-over by a Gunsmith, but I don't believe in spending my own money to fix a manufacturer's problem for them. After two trips to Taurus they replace the slide. I sold the gun after that. It was a lesson for me: don't buy cheap and then struggle to make it work. Buy right the first time. Other people at my club run Taurus without issues, I can only give my experience.
  5. I just found X-wing Alliance, that was as good as it got , before the franchise was shut down. Most of these old (DOS) games can be run using the DosBox software, it's basically a DOS virtual machine you can run them in. I just did a quick play-thru of Wing Commander 3, and it hurt my eyes. :eek:
  6. Has anyone had the chance to play the Destiny game on both? Just curious to see with this game's release if it shows a tipping-point of one vs the other?
  7. Just funny, I was digging thru my attic and came-across these boxes for old PC games. The Wing Commander 3 box still has all the discs and instruction manual inside plus a poster of all the ships. I still remember the line in the game "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance", Also found these old instruction manuals for other games, which I loved at the time. Whats really interesting, and ties it to today's technology..... I didn't even make the connection between Mass Effect series and WC3 & WC4 until I saw this old box. I remember how you had crew interactions, conversations with choices for response, ability to pick people who went on missions with you, your choices (somewhat) caused a different ending, plus a romance sub-plot, and I think "Wow, I thought Mass Effect was a whole new type of game; but that same stuff was in Wing Commander 3, that was 20 years ago!" My my, how far we have come in 20 years. wait.... has it been 20 years alreay? making me feel old now. *snif*
  8. I'm not the OP, but ... I have cut cases in half to see the inside ("sectioning a case"). I use a dremel tool with a cutoff wheel.
  9. I do not flash lights unless it's an accident ahead or bicycle or other danger. If you are speeding, it's not my responsibility to "help" you I once heard a cop say "people ask me all the time how to avoid a speeding ticket. I tell them: don't speed"
  10. Depending on load, 1lb of pistol powder makes approx 2k rounds. If you get into rifle reloading it goes quick: on my 30-06 loads one pound of rifle powder only makes ~166 rounds. On my 223 loads one lb only makes ~300.
  11. The max you can get under one Hazmat fee. I think once our club did a group-buy and it was ~20 lbs.
  12. On YouTube, the AdBlockerPlus works fine, ads are gone and no delay or blanks. I Don't know about other video sites.
  13. Another "Browning Buckmark with C-more" I happened to find one at the store that already came with a Threaded barrel (my lucky day, I think these were made as a Distributor's special). Added an Allchin mount for C-More SlideRide, 8-MOA. Shown here with my SilencerCo Sparrow, just for fun. See you at the range.
  14. SlowShooter

    New Toy

    I was playing-around with one of these M&P-15-22 at my 200 yard range last weekend (Practicing shooting from standing position). I Had to adjust the rear sight a few turns, but was hitting a large steel gong at 200 yards. Funny how long it takes the bullet to reach there and then hear the sound back. You think a bullet is fast, until you have to wait for it.
  15. If you just want a media device for movies, etc you can buy a Roku box, or other such device. If you want games on the _cheap_, I _might_ even consider buying a used Xbox 360 / PS3 from someone who is upgrading, if you can live with the fact that after this Holiday season there are no new blockbuster games made for it later in 2014. The used game stores will be flooded with used Xbox 360 / PS3 games because I don't think the new units are backwards compatible with older games. Media functionality and their online marketplaces should continue to function for a while, but how long they keep the back-end infrastructure up&running is anyone's guess.
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