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  1. hi all, names Mark live near Ocala FL , came here moons ago looking for info on making a baby carriage cart for the rifle matches, and more or less lurked for a while getting info on other stuff, I'm a part time gunsmith and working to get my 07/02 FFL/SOT because of the rules I can't show you a pic of my cart, nor can I ask a specific question with a picture ( link ) , I guess thats maybe why I don't visit these forums much, I get it spammer rules and all ?? ( #rolleyes ) anyways gotta get that post count up so I can participate
  2. guys I picked up an older 500 at a yard sale and it looks like its been through the ringer, I have read about the motor and the upgrades, but I got it for only a couple of bucks and it runs, it was filled with 9mm brass and what looks like walnut media. what can I clean this with, it looks like its just polish and heavy dust from the walnut media , I'm not sure if any type of cleaning products might interact wit hthe polishing compounds ( nuFinish ) that I will add to the walnut media for a new batch thanks OH well I don't have enought posts to show you a pic
  3. hi guys, just poking around looking for designs to turn a jogging stroller into a 3 gun cart....good info here, I post on just about every other gun forum with the same screen name thanks for the good info
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