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  1. Candis


    It's impossible to have seen this sketch and not yell LLAMAS any time you visit a zoo or see them on television, billboards, etc.
  2. "I look like a turkey with leukemia"
  3. This was an interesting article. http://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/shia-labeouf I never really considered him as a serious actor until "Lawless", which was phenomenal.
  4. Candis


    I love it! Cooking for hours...so that the house smells so good that you start drooling the instant you walk into the driveway... going camping in the desert with Benos, lilgary, BigJoni, and friends and mutts...gravy... stuffing... mashed potatoes... PIE... ALL OF IT! I'm so excited!
  5. This is applicable to everything. The struggle (my enormous struggle, anyway) is to clear the mind of the 'conscious input' when you're doing anything; which is to say to not think of anything while you're doing everything. Listening to the sound of each object as you set it down on a surface...
  6. Lying in bed after a long day/tough workout and feeling how soft the sheets are as your spine spreads out and the pressure is off of your feet, knowing that you put up a good fight!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIAN!! I'm so glad you were born!
  8. And, if you're bored,... Train here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Punisher-Muay-Thai/260167017347838 with this guy Then go to the movies here: http://saltlakefilmsociety.org/
  9. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm looking forward to watching them over again. I also CAN'T WAIT to see who they get for the next season, although I agree with BE that I'm sad to see Harrelson and McConaughey go.
  10. This is an amazing video explaining the 'soft-wire' genetics of empathy in human beings. So brilliant! http://www.upworthy.com/if-you-thought-someone-couldnt-explain-empathy-with-a-dry-erase-marker-youre-wrong
  11. The most important thing is staying in this second, without a thought of past or future, and letting everything go over and over again. (Maybe that's two things? One in the same?)
  12. I liked it but I thought it was scary. Definitely not something I can watch before bed (I'm a chicken!). I'll DVR it and watch it in the comfortable safety of a Saturday afternoon laundry-folding session!
  13. Great sadness.. the one thread on the forum that BE has absolutely nothing to add
  14. Bison is a lot leaner and generally has a lower caloric content but higher protein and iron. The ribeyes are fantastic because the higher fat content, which you don't get in other bison products, contributes to an unbelievable, almost buttery flavor. Ground bison burgers have a similar creaminess to the taste. I'm pretty much a filet mignon person when it comes to beef because I don't care for the chewiness that fat provides, despite the fact the the 'flavor comes from fat.' Bison ribeyes are as good, if not better when BE grills them, than filet mignon. Also, bison almost never come from feedlots like cows often do so they are messed with a lot less than cows, in terms of antibiotics, hormones, etc.
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