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  1. That would be strange, 9mm luger or 9x19 is forbidden for civil use in Italy. That's why they invented the 9x21 and 9x23. The rhino is mostly used in 357 because the recoil is as light as a light .38. Horrible trigger.
  2. I always run my bullets tru a Lee bulge buster kit, never have had any reloads that will not fit since then.
  3. I use the Trausch grips on all of my revo's. Mod.10, 64 ppc, 686 bianchi, 625 and 929, i like the small beavertail for consistent holsterdraw. The models for the N frame are a little big for me but you can modify the L frame model or use the model for the Manhurin Mr73.
  4. Mine looks to be quite good, action was not very smooth, but a little stoning did the job, hand also needed some work but the timing was good. Only serious problem is that mine is pretty unique, they forgot Jerry's signature on the sideplate.
  5. Just got mine today, thanks to Stardust Tommy, shoots well, but the trigger needs some polishing. Also missing the Miculek signature on the sideplate.
  6. In Europe a 929 costs 1525€ that's about2050$. But hey, it will be worth it.
  7. 3 came in in Belgium, 1 is mine, hopefully in the safe at end of septembre. You really don't wanna now what the price is in Europe.
  8. jerichrome

    P18 for multigun?

    I have an early model 18/9 with a Dlask short titanium trigger instead of the plastic original wich i never liked. C&S ultra light speed hammer and sear kit. Fitted by Stardust Tommy. Works pretty fantastic for an old gun.
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