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  1. Lunker

    VP9 Experience

    Different strokes I guess. I love the HK mag release and much prefer the Walther PPQ M1 version with similar mag release.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Lunker

    VP9 Experience

    Theb you will probably love the P30 Light LEM (V1). That trigger has a ton of pre-travel, but the break and reset are at the very rear. I was actually the opposite of you and didn't like the trigger action being so close to the grip.
  3. Nice shooting on the run backing up. I need to practice that more.
  4. The reset on the PPQ was super short. That combined with a light trigger had me accidentally doubling a few times when shooting with any speed. If it were going to be my one-and-only pistol, I would've kept it and just gotten used to it. It didn't seem like a good idea for me to have that in the mix with my Glock 34 and P30 LEM. The VP9 is somewhere in the middle between the Glock and Walther. I like it, but am not sure I can come up with a good reason to buy one unless I came across a deal too good to pass up.
  5. Thanks Nebwake. I am posting links below for others who are interested. Here is the link to the BE post. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=190096&hl=%2Bdominance Here is the external link to the methods to help correct the problem http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=190096&hl=%2Bdominance
  6. Thanks Guy. Are you supposed to cover the entire lens, or just spot, or particular line? I have heard about this in shotgunning as well.
  7. Following this thread. I shoot pistol left, rifle/shotgun righty. I am slightly right eye dominant (with an astigmatism in both eyes if that matters). Shooting with both eyes open is really difficult for me, I think because my brain is shifting back and forth with eye dominance. I see two of each target and have to consciously shoot at the one on the right.
  8. If you live in a ban state, where the comp is pinned and welded, what would be the best way to get rid of that carbon buildup? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I had my M&P Pro in 9mm worked on my Dan Burwell in Pennsylvania. He did a great job on it. I ended up going back to Glock though. I just prefer the platform. It is much easier to work on than the M&P, IMO. http://burwellguns.com/
  10. Lunker

    New Glocks for 2015

    The current G42 is too small to handle the 9mm round. I am not doubting you. But I am curious. You don't mean dimensionally, but from a recoil and durability viewpoint? Not enough slide mass?
  11. Lunker

    Polishing Feed Ramp

    If you are doing it with a dremel, keep the speed on very slow and keep the polishing head moving. Don't linger in one place.
  12. Lunker

    M&P 9 pro 5"

    This same thing happened on my CZ 85 Combat a few years back. The sheer amount of crud stuck in that extractor was amazing, and was not really visible until I removed it. I never tried the compressed air, but regular cleaning with the extractor still in the gun did not get at it.
  13. Sweet. I keep putting off drilling my bench for new swage and trimming equipment I got recently that needs to be bolted down. It is a miserable day up in New Hampshire, so I may as well get started. Enjoy your 650. I wish I had spent the extra $$$ when I got my 550B.
  14. I am so used to seeing caliber misspelled as caliper on gun forums, that I assumed this was a caliber thread.
  15. Lunker

    New Glocks for 2015

    Thanks. Sounds like it is time to start putting away a few bucks for a gun and leather for it. Yeah, I have a Glock Purchase coupon burning a hole in my billfold. Same here. I thought mine was going to expire unused.
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