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  1. I thought maybe the Edge model would fit. I'm not really fond of the big, giant homemade kydex style. Hoping to find a Bladetech style for a short dust cover.
  2. Does anyone know who makes a kydex holster that will fit a short wide dustcover STI frame? I've got a few stardard 1911 holsters, but the gun will not even begin to fit.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. Just wondering what # recoil spring you ran with that slide and if you used a shock buff? I have a slide cut very similar to that one.
  5. Zoomy, was your crack near or touching the cuts or was it around the chamber? Do you have a picture? Here is a photo. As you can see it cracked at the third port and through the slide frame rail channel. I'm guessing since it cracked through the port cut it voided the warranty. This happened last year 2 weeks before area 5 and I had nationals right after that. the origional builder said he would be able to get a new one under warranty but there was not enough time to finish it before area 2 so I purchased a Caspian and tri topped and fitted it myself.image.jpg
  6. The classic pouches seem a little better to me. Mags slide in and out better. The few bucks you save on the revolution line is not worth it.
  7. I cut one with a small cut off wheel in a dremel. I covered the front sight area with many layers of electrical tape in case of a oops. I cut the sight almost completely through without hitting the slide. Then it came out easily with a punch. I don't claim to have changed many pistol sights, but that XD front sight was absolutely the hardest one I've encountered.
  8. I have one of the older versions. It's not a custom carry pistol, but I wouldn't consider it junk. I've never had any problems with it. I do feel a little under gunned when carrying it. It's no different than any other pocket carry pistol, it's better than nothing.
  9. I loaded Xtreme bullets for a long time. Probably shot 30,000 180g, and always thought my groups were fine. I just figured it was the best accuracy me and my gun was capable of. Then I tried some 180 coated and my groups shrunk quite a bit. Haven't bought anymore Xtreme since.
  10. I think the new Magpul 140mm Glock mags are going to be great. They are perfect for guys starting out in the sport. It sure beats buying a $35 extended base pad for a $25 Glock mag.
  11. There's no contest. Lancer wins by a mile. Maybe a mile and a 1/2.
  12. trouble

    PT grip

    Have you seen inside the iPhone? Do you think there is a bunch of Chinese guys with files making them fit?????????????? HA!
  13. For what MBX mags cost, I wouldn't go tuning on them. That's what you are supposed to be paying for when you buy them.
  14. I have a loaded, and had a RO. For a few extra dollars I'd go with the loaded. I don't think either pistol is hand fitted much at all, but the RO I had was rough when comparing the two. Might have just been unlucky and got a rough one.
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