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    ICORE, USPSA, SCSA, Trap, Gunsmithing, Coyote Night Hunting, Traditional Muzzleloading, Precision Reloading, and Classic Cars.
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I am a very competitive person. I want to excell in everything I do and will strive to find any advantage to do so. I have been a gun enthusiest and outdoorsman since I was old enough to walk, thanks to my fathers influence and genes! I love to shoot pistol, rifle, muzzleloader, and bow. And as you might assume I love to reload and spends hours at the bench. I reload to maximize performance and accuracy. I aproach my reloading with consideration to every little detail to achieve complete consistancy, no exceptions. Did I mention Im a perfectionist?? Aside from shooting Im also an avid billiards player in both 9 & 8 ball! I also enjoy being a volunteer firefighter, and have been for over 10 years. My profession is an electrician specializing in process controls. Aside from that all the rest is just everday normal stuff thats not very interesting. Thanks for reading this far lol.

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