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  1. Thank you so much for all of yours advices.
  2. Green? How is it compare to purple Quack? I am trying the purple now, pretty loose, I can move it left and right with my finger
  3. Hello all, After my practice session today, I come to realize that my front sight is loose and about to come off. How do I fix it? My gun is a limcat limited. Thank you so much in advance for all your help and advice. Andy
  4. Hello Will, How many round is consider to be relative low count? Thank you
  5. I have an opportunity to buy either a used but tuned Barsto with 2 mag or a brand new STI Edge with 1 mag. Since both are same price, which I should go with? Which is better? Thank you in advance for your help
  6. Hello all, I was playing around with the main spring housing of my CZ Pointman 7 1911, and when I put it back together, my grip safety no longer work. Please help.... Thank you so much in advance, Andy
  7. Thank you BlueOvalBruin, What do you mean by "Distal edge of the "Shoulder"? is it the groove? Or do you mean where the bullet start to curve?
  8. Hello all, This is the first time I start loading with molley and clays, I have couple of questions that I hope I can get answers here. Any help is greatly appreciate Bullet: Bear Creek 230 LRN molley Primer: LP winchester Brass: Mixed stamps Powder: Hodgdon Clays O.A.L: 1.240 My result from chrono are below: 3.2 gr 3.4 gr 3.6 gr 3.8 gr 4.0 gr 646.9 701.0 716.9 763.9 752.3 660.4 709.0 709.3 769.2 785.4 691.9 680.0 735.8 773.7 805.6 648.6 680.9 722.2 754.2 781.5 638.5 694.1 723.0 754.0 783.0 151pf 159pf 165pf 175pf 179pf I want to keep it around 170pf, so I guess my next test load would be 3.7 gr of Clays. Below are some of my question: 1) Hodgdon website recommend O.A.L of 1.200, however, from what I know, it is recommend to make the bullet as long as possible that fit the chamber. My Kimber goldmatch can be fit at 1.260 (this is my load for Delta Precision FMJ 230Gr), but for this load I made it 1.240. Should I follow Hodgdon? Or keep my orignal of 1.260 or 1.240? 2) At 3.6 grain, I am at 165pf, which way is recommend? Increase powder to 3.7gr? Or shorten the O.A.L? 3.6gr recoil is just superb compare to 3.8 and 4.0gr. Thank you so much in advance for your help
  9. Hello all, First of all, thank you for the recommendation for the books by Jerry Kuhnhausen. They were very educational, second of all, how often do you take your 1911 and remove everything and do a "Detail Clean"? Because so far I just do field strip and clean that, how often should I clean the sear, hammer, and firing pin? Thank you so much in advance, Blank
  10. Hello all, When I was shooting glock, I was using "the complete glock reference guide third edition" to learn the in and the out of dissemble the gun and how it work. It was quite an education for me, and now I am wondering is there such book for 1911? The reason for me to ask this question is because I only have been field strip my Gold Match Kimber 1911 to clean it. I don't really know how to get to all the inside parts like the extractor, firing pin, clean out all the sears... etc. Any information would be greatly appreciate. Oh, I looked on youtube, everyone just do field strip and clean, is it good enough already that's why? Thank you so much in advance, Blank
  11. Hello all, Can someone recommend me to a gun smith for glock? I have a glock 17 gen 3, been shooting it for production, I have replaced the trigger with glock worx. However, I don't think i tuned it right, I need a trusted smith to work on my gun. Thank you so much in advance, Andy
  12. So that is normal then? Because when I was reloading 9mm for production minor, I was able to keep the different with 10-15 fps
  13. Hello all, Currently I am facing an issue that I don't know if it's me or it's the chrono. I am loading .45 ACP precision delta FMJ, with N320. My C.O.L variate from 1.262 to 1.266, with a consistant load of 4.85 grain of N320. However, when I chrono my load, it go from low is 650s to high which is 690s. I know this is a bit low, I need to increase on the powder a bit, however, the inconsistency of the FPS making me a bit nervous. Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you so much in advance, Blank
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