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  1. Old thread resurrected because I seek your advice. I have been shooting a 1911 for IDPA and just purchased an older Para P-16 for USPSA without any magazines. I purchased 4 MecGars because I couldnt find any other magazines at all anywhere. I bought Dawson basepads, dawson longer springs and dawson followers. Stock they dont lock the slide back, hoped they would with the modifiers. Nope. I finally found magazine tubes at Para Pro Shop, so Para tubes. I ordered them from Para but have ran into the issue of getting them delivered to CA (I am a LEO so I am allowed to have these). Para said to have your gunshop call with the FFL and high cap mag cert and they will ship directly to them. Problem is my local gun shop has called them 3 or 4 times and they dont call them back. Para has already charged me so figured they were on it. So this option may not be working for me. Here is what I am asking. What are my options when it comes to fixing my issue? Different magazine tubes that have good customer service to actually ship and that will work with the components I said above? Or keep trying to get Para to follow through? I look forward to everyones experience and input from this forum.
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