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  1. I throw all my S&B brass (9mm) away - can't get the primers to go in the pockets. No idea why mine work fine on my dillon 650 s&b is euro military brass I like it
  2. I like starline, WCC, winchester, Speer, s&b is great brass btw
  3. Man o man I want that revolver
  4. thats what I thought at first but it's usually dented right under the shoulder from hitting the deflector
  5. i just hold the brass from station 3 to 4 powder never jumps even if plate does
  6. I use it for 9 mm and .40 esendub and I think they are great and worth the money
  7. people get paid to say anything! i wouldnt three gun a mossberg if you paid me well paid maybe! lol
  8. i have the kit from uniquetek love it.. now they have the same toolhead but with a floating sizer and seater position its like 63 bucks i think ima try that! i like my 9mm to fly straight as can be
  9. man your lucky i got screwed on my 550b and sdb almost makes me wish i went red
  10. Yes, that's right, the SOCOM's forward rail is not picatinny spec. Here's an option that goes in place of the handguard: Ultimak rail Or http://www.amegaranges.com/miniM14.php Go here for more info about the M14 than you could imagine. There is a scope mount FAQ that you can download. You can't go wrong with a Smith Enterprise or ARMS: http://www.imageseek.com/m1a/ Or you can swap stocks for a SAGE or Troy pistol grip/collapsible stock! actually the socom 16's rail IS weaver/picatinny spec
  11. seems kinda weird to me since you still gonna have to manual index the machine.. maybe sell it and buy a 650 and you wont have to do anything if you add a bullet feeder also. just push go watch and turn off
  12. wish dillon would make one but alas wont ever happen but ya adding a bullet feeder adds to the lazy factor
  13. ah well i got it working and thats all that matters! to me i mean! plus lol i had some nice blue zip ties so it worked out great...
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