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  1. Congratulations on the milestone! Bob built a Open Pro SX 38 Super for me 14 years ago. Absolutely the best pistol I've ever owned.
  2. I tried bigger post, smaller notch along with stock STI sights. I still can't see well enough to get an acceptable sight picture. One thing I had not tried and was told wouldn't work was small post and even larger notch. I went with a .90 post and a .150 notch. The very next match I saw a huge improvement in total points and overall placement. It worked great for me. There was enough light on each side of the post that I could get a very good, consistent sight picture.
  3. I don't know about the new DVC but have been shooting a Brazos Open 38 Super PRO SX for about 12 years. Bought it new and can say it is a great pistol. Never had any issues with the gun and it runs every time, all the time. Bob has answered all my questions and in my opinion is one of the best gunsmiths around. I have a number of pistols and this is the one I consider a true Custom build.
  4. This movie just did not do it for me. Only the second movie I've ever walked out of before the end.
  5. No second gun at ORSA. I know I would like to shoot two guns but they have 6 - 7 excellent stages ever month so shooting two guns would really be pushing it.
  6. What did you order? I got a confirmation email the day after faxing the paperwork. Did you get yours yet? Ordered the 700 in .308. I got a email with only an attachment that was like a bill of sale. They made a point of stating that we can not contact them about the status. I just picked mine up today. The email I got gave an order date of 05/21/2015, and the delivery date said 05/22/2015. I didn't think the delivery date was the actual date so I expected 3 to 6 weeks for delivery. Yesterday I got the actual bill of sale by snail mail and it still said delivery date was 05/22/2015. I called
  7. What did you order? I got a confirmation email the day after faxing the paperwork.
  8. Will be going Friday to pick up a couple of shotguns. I placed the order a week ago. Quick shipping from Remington.
  9. I just finished the last episodes. What an ending! That was one of the best season ending episodes I've seen.
  10. This is one of the series I watch. I recorded this season and have been watching 2 to 3 episodes at a time with only 2 left.
  11. I saw the documentary and enjoyed it. Read the book a long time ago in High School around early 70s. Also enjoyed the following books. I still watch the original movie when it's on. Still have the paperback I read. I've read it more than a few times over the years.
  12. Sorry for the thread drift with my comments on picking up 38Super brass. It was not intentional, I suffer from brain fade at times.
  13. Some of us pick up brass because of cost. 38 Super is $140 - $200 per 1000. It's hard to leave it laying when you know it will be gone after the match. There was a day when everyone was pasting, resetting, scoring, and picking up brass. Everyone helped. Now no one picks up brass unless you pick up your own. It is a different time now. I try not to hold up things as I watch to see when stage resetting is finished and stop so the shooting can continue.
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