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  1. That was my thought as well. Just wanted to see if anyone here tried them out.
  2. Has anyone tried these knockoffs? http://m.ebay.com/itm/302030583726?_mwBanner=1
  3. The ck arms grip is reduced in size compared to the srandard polymer grip. That with a short sti trigger and it may be the ticket for you.
  4. I shot this this past weekend and had my gun malfunction the entire first string for a whopping 13 seconds(second string was and change)... let's just sat I will be throwing that classifier score out
  5. +1 to what Jesse said, start with what you have already
  6. Has anyone taken the time to make a video showing how to tune the magazines? I did a quick search but didn't find anything. If anyone has done/seen this could you post the link? Thanks...
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