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  1. 1 hour ago, Unregistered said:


    What do you want to know that hasn't been covered by this thread?


    I was just curious on the locked versus unlocked draw.  From reading the thread I wasn't sure if you were required to keep it locked and unlock it on the draw stroke or if you could use it unlocked like other race holsters 

  2. 3 hours ago, Caedes said:

    I run an ELS belt.  My Sig holster is a GXProducts Vice with a Boss Hanger and ELS fork...


    Does the DAA work with an ELS fork without modification?  Does any solid race holster?

    You tighten down a couple Allen screws and it mounts directly to you belt


  3. 21 hours ago, pjb45 said:


    4.5= 170-171

    Nowlin Barrel.  My Kart SS barrel is about the same.  

    The barrel can make or break the PF if you cut it too close to my recipe.

    I use Federal primers.  I have not really notice any significant difference between small pistol, rifle, match primers.  Magnum maybe a slight increase in velocity.

    At any given recipe, I will chrono up to a hundred rounds.  Before a major match I will re-chrono to verify the readings.


    Range brass will probably give a larger Standard Deviation.  I had a bunch of once fired nickel brass from an LEO agency.  So my SD was quite small.  I measure velocity in groups of three then combined individual velocity in several groups of 8.  I am very comfortable with 4.36 here in the SW.


    Awesome thanks.  I was looking for a starting point.  I'll start at 4.2 and work up to 4.6 by .1 increments and see where it lands to get me comfortably in major.

  4. 6 hours ago, IPSCLUVERRR said:

    I had to remove some material from my daa in order for it to release smooth. I just picked up the new Safariland and hoping that it will be better and not require mods. 

    Where did you get it?  I can't find it online anywhere.   

  5. 15 hours ago, pjb45 said:

    Yeppers. After a long talk with Beven, I load 1.175-1.18.  VV 320.  I also chatted with a multi national champ about 180 v 200.  I went with 200 Zero bullets. Very soft shooting. Very consistent PF.  As a side note; the former VV technical rep lives in AZ.  I relied on his expertise. I am just a duffer with high expectations. 

    How many grains are you using behind the 200 grain zeros?   I have 500 of them sitting on my bench that I got to sample when my 180s are gone.  

  6. I have the alpha x for my cheely e2 grip and it is very smooth, I had the safariland 014 for my previous limited gun which I loved but the extra wide frame on the cheely prevented me from being able to use it as it wouldn't retain the gun or allow the lock to engage.  I'm interested in trying the safariland 015 when that releases later this month.  

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