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  1. I was not able to because I did all the wrong decisions. I have one of the best 2011 limited gun built by LimCat early in my shooting sport days. And best SVI mags. To save I should just have kept it and shoot it and reload my own ammo and pick brass. What I did was I chased other divisions, chased other guns, buy, sell, buy, sell.... Do not be like an idiot like me. Get a good gun (even an STI EDGE is good enough) and just keep on shooting until you become GM.
  2. I used to attend around 7 major 3 gun and USPSA matches 4-5 years ago. I lost my job and almost lost my family. So I stopped shooting, went back to school to study and dedicate my weekends more to family and volunteering. Now maybe I plan to shoot local USPSA matches once a month. Some match that will last half day at most so that I can still run errands and spend quality time with my family at home. As fun 3-gun is, it takes a lot of time and other resources. And I'm getting old.
  3. With both eyes open, try not to look at your sights but focus your vision on the target then put your sights in front of you.
  4. I've been closing or squinting my right eye for shooting. I found out that I was focusing at looking at my sights (rear and front) that is why I'm getting double vision when I open both of my eyes. Then I try to look at target instead and do not look at my sights. I put the gun in front of me and viola!, I can now open both my eyes and only see single vision. Try it!
  5. I shoot CZ SPO1 shadow in USPSA and carry/home defense CZ PO1 with decocker.
  6. cz cleaning.... yeah the mags definitely everytime. gun...what cleaning? :-)
  7. Hi Adam, could you help me weld a qd sling knob on my benelli m2 shotgun in the barrel ring that connects the mag tube?

  8. stuart. Is the dawson plain front sight you are selling is the serrated .170 x.90 for shadow? If it is can i have it for #20 shipped i can pay you paypal as gift.

  9. ignore those people and vibes. fancy guns don't determine what class you sit in. i can't count how many people walk around with $5,000 and never get out of D or C. or, people who keep buying a new thousand-plus dollar gun thinking it's what takes them to the next level. it's the shooter, not the equipment. pick one gun and run with it. never change, and shoot the piss out of it. I'm one of those. Can't get out of C with my high priced S_I. Now will shoot the piss out of my CZ's and i'm ready to stop fiddling and just shoot. I'm actually dumping my S_I for a CZ TS.
  10. I think i have still the new stock M2 bolt handle. $12 shipped interested?

  11. $120 shipped for the break.

  12. Hi Todd, I responded on the main FN match announcement that i will get your slot. I'm here in GA and can give you the money on saturday at cherokee.

  13. Looking for some 3gunning near GA

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