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  1. I've loaded thousands of .40 rounds using Speer brass no problems either
  2. I liked titegroup too accuracy was great but barrel and slide got hot quickly and titegroup can be double charged (my biggest worry) when using a 550. I now have a 650 with powder check and with powder being hard to I might try it again.
  3. In my 5" barrel akai I found that lead 180gr with 4.6 to 4.7 grs of wst at 1.176 oal length got me 170 to 171 pf with great accuracy. I just don't like the smoke as opposed to fmj or hollow point zero bullets. I'm down to 7lbs of n320(hard to find) and have some wst that I would like to try with a 5.4 svi non aet barrel using 180 gr zero bullets has anyone tried this combo? If so I would appreciate some load data Thanks
  4. I'm a die hard n320 user for 40 major and 9mm but it's getting harder to find and I have some wst that I bought. Would appreciate some of your load data for wst forty major I use zero 180gr fmj and hollow points when I can find them. Thanks
  5. +1WST is my go to powder for .40 Limited Major loads. I like the feel better than N320. I do use N320 for my 9mm production load though.
  6. We have a small 3 gun monthly match and opted to try shooting .22 rifle on a couple of stages everyone really enjoyed it, we got to shoot steel falling targets at way closer range and shot hanging clays that exploded better than when shot with .223. We got to hang on to our stash of highly collectible .223 rounds and still had a awesome match. Try it you might be surprised.
  7. Miker


    I agree I am totally satisfied with my Akai limited gun and found Shay to a standup guy that spent alot of time helping me decide options on my gun build. I purchased mine Nov last year and could not be happier slide is like butter,drives nails and recoils less with same PF loads as my old STI stock Executive (he says that is because the barrel stays locked up longer and a few other tricks). To top it off it is lighter than the Executive almost as light as my Eagle .40.
  8. I would like to thank Chad for getting Gary in touch with me on my lost mag.... people like you make our sport what it is. Someone has to look out for us NC boys this was a great match (except for my dumb mistakes on a couple of stages)wish it wasnt 7 hours away from me or I would be there monthly. Thanks again guys
  9. Still having the June match if so what date and starting time? I will be up in that area June 22 through 25 and would like to shoot that match while Im there.
  10. I would like to get more info/feedback on these pouches as there isnt alot out there and I dont know anyone using them.
  11. I couldnt wait to watch it what a total let down!
  12. Go to a match and shoot with what you have after you get your ar 15 its easy to buy alot of the wrong equipment, basics are a holster that holds handgun secure which you should already have since shooting uspsa and idpa (I would assume you have pistol mag pouches also since shooting uspsa and idpa). Like stated above good reliable Ar 15 30 (3 if possible) round mags magpul for me work great. You might spend a bunch of money upgrading your 870 only to find out a auto would work better for you. Optics on rifle is another way to spend money 2 or 3 times shoot a match or several matches look around talk other people check their equipment. 99.9% of the shooters I have encounter at matches are more than willing to help a new guy out .
  13. I know you said 9mm, but if you can stand a .40 the bushing barrel Eagle .40 cal can do USPSA limited major and IDPA the .40 can be loaded down for IDPA minor loads and in USPSA you arent handicaped by shooting minor PF. You say you are going to shoot factory ammo as many did before becoming addicted to either or both of these sports then you figure out the benefits of reloading and 9mm is going to be cheaper to reload. I have a Custom Edge type .40 and bought the Eagle .40 bushing barrel thinking IDPA and a backup Limited USPSA gun and found USPSA is what I enjoy never shoot IDPA so now I have backup Eagle limited gun that I rarely shoot. Easy to make wrong purchases if possible find someone that has these handguns (as both are awesome) and shoot them before your purchase.
  14. It would probably depend on the retail price in US dollars....in stead of mould could this not be made with a milling machine (CNC)? Would love to have the specs.
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