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  1. Thanks for the response. Not sure if I'll go for them or not yet. They'll cost about what I've been paying for 124 grn lead round nose, but some people say the profile doesn't work well with the short chamber found in CZ barrels. I don't have much experience loading 9mm (always shot 1911 45's before), the 124 lrn is all I've used so far. Thinking maybe I should try some Precision Delta 124 JHP, they seem to be the most commonly recommended bullet for 9mm, particuarly from CZ shooters that have posted their loads in some of the other threads on this board.
  2. I have a chance to buy some Nosler 124 grn JHP at a pretty good price but haven't used any of these before. I'd hate to stock up if they won't perform. I'll be shooting them in a CZ85 Combat, mostly IDPA and general range use. If you're using these, what loads have worked best for you? Thanks.
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