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  1. Link doesn't work for me. In the same boat as many others, but tried and tried to figure out how to pay for a match shirt but still nothing. Didn't want to but even created a Practiscore account still nothing. Got registered for a USPSA section match but can't figure out how to get a match shirt for that match either. Practiscore sucks in that aspect !
  2. What is the best/most accurate powder scale ?
  3. Can we just show up the day of the shoot and sign up or do we have to pre register ?
  4. Thanks, I don't have access to a mag gauge so I was unsure. May go with the 4 mm because we are always runnin on the ragged edge anyhow !
  5. What base pad for STI mag in limited 3G or 4G2 ?
  6. What if you have your tumbler in the basement where you can't hear it running and leave brass run for 4 days straight. Can this have any negative effects on the brass ?
  7. Will you allow magnetic ammo like wolf at this match since there will be no rifle steel ?
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