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  1. Str8laced heavy bag. It covers all the bases rear bag, barricade rest, tank trap rest, roof top support, etc. The light weight one works well also.
  2. It is careless and senseless to operate any weapon system without eye protection. It is not shrapnel from targets that is the concern. Reciprocating mass and gasses directly in front of your face is the concern. With a pierced primer on a bolt gun the gas from the pierced primer can push back the firing pin cocking assembly and jet gas rearward through the shroud. For reference this rapid rearward movement of the cocking piece over the sear engagement is what destroys Jewell triggers, it chips the sear engagement.
  3. This looks like a lot of fun. Times like these make me want to live closer to the Whittington Center.
  4. Thank you again to Rose Action Sports for the fix and the turn around. I used the shotgun all weekend at Superstition and came away with a second place finish in Heavy Scope without a single shotgun glitch.
  5. What powder are you using to cause cratering with 123 going that slow?
  6. Like Jesse I have owned and ran both the Creedmoor and the x47 in 6.5, both are great capable and accurate. If you do reload buy 400 pieces or Creedmoor brass and when the barrel is done throw out the remaining brass as the pockets will probably be loose after 6 reloads. If you do x47 do the same rebarrel the rifle twice then throw out the brass. Speeds are comparable on the two at normal people reloading and using the same bullets. Disclaimer, you can get the x47 to run 284 speeds but I only know a few people as crazy as me.
  7. Well I got my shotgun back on Friday from Rose Action Sports. I have to say this was the best gun repair/smithing experience I have ever had. The turn time was fast Steve communicated with me, and if you did not know that the two set screws did not belong in the receiver you would think it is factory. Took it with me to a precision rifle match that I was RO'ing this weekend and after tear down of the stages I ran a couple of boxes thru and everything ran great. I will be running it at Superstition this weekend. I am extremely happy with the entire experience, minus the stroke I almost caused myself when I went nuts with the Dremel.
  8. Smile some my ass you LOL'ed and you know it. That reminds me I need to switch out slide stops on the 45 especially if you are RO'ing a pistol stage
  9. I have asked Dale to post some pictures for educational purposes. Jeremy at least you were not around me this time so I cannot blame it on you
  10. Dale long story made short I smashed my thumbnail on my left hand setting up the match and had to drill the thumbnail to release pressure, so no support side reloading. So for superstition emergency prep I am jumping in to quad loading and rushed a loading gate job. I will get pictures up later. By the way I did bring your bullets
  11. Stop me if you heard this one......so I had the dremel out and was doing some work.......Yep that guy, any way a buddy of mine mentioned that instead of buying a entire new M2 that I should look around and just buy a receiver, supposedly a $300 option. After using Google and failing I figured I would check out this knowledge base to see if anyone can point me in the right direction, or maybe tell me I am screwed. Either way thanks for the help.
  12. Widener's mil spec 75gr bthp @ 2699fps for all close and far targets. Like other posters stated I would get confused to easily, plus at 6'2" 240lbs I don't notice to much recoil. Also, I have been burned by not getting a call on the R&R flashers and have had heavy Rio plate racks take a few hits to fall when I used 55gr bullets.
  13. I have shot in the PRS for the last two years would have to say that you can shoot a gasser in .308 and not finish last, depending on your skill level. That being said there are some matches out there that you are shooting at multiple 1/2" dots at 100 yards or flies on paper at the same distance so you need to have a platform that can consistently do this or you are leaving points on the table, or even worse loosing points because there is a no shoot target that the dot is in the middle of. The .308 is not really used due to the lower B.C. of the bullets most use high B.C 6.5mm and 6mm bullets and run them toward the hot side - my 6 runs 115vlds at 3080 and I know of others that run them around 3150. The use of these high B.C. bullets give you better margin of error for wind calls, what I mean by this is with a 175smk at 500yds with a 10mph full value wind I need 1mil for the same target with my 6mm I only need .7mils. As for magnification I use U.S. Optics 5-25x and 3.8-22x with the logic that I can always turn my scope down if I needed to, the large magnification has helped at matches where there is 24" plate at 1200yds or as the previous poster stated seeing the guy with the top hat at 100yds on paper stages. These matches are fun and you can learn a lot.
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