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  1. The market has really dropped on Stock IIIs in 9mm. Seems not too long ago that they were going for upwards of 1700.
  2. The standard SP01 safeties works fine for me and aren't as hard to find as the thin ones. Ive never had an inadvertent safety engagement with them.
  3. Theyre all pretty much the same price. Some difference in shipping rates. I waited until Midway had a sale before I purchased mine.
  4. Zach Savage, who is a member on BE runs wwwlastroundarmament.com . He has the stainless steel version in stock. https://www.lastroundarmament.com/product/stainless-steel-roll-pin-for-eaa-ambi-safety/
  5. I dont know of any shooter production or otherwise that flicks on their safety between shooting positions. Everyone that I've witnessed just takes their finger off the trigger.
  6. silicone spray did the trick for me.
  7. bc361

    Rumor has it

    He was shooting the match
  8. bc361

    Thumb safeties.

    I had the same problem and I swapped out my safeties with SP01 safeties. They're much easier to find than the flat safety.
  9. You can also check out 3 gun stuff http://www.3gunstuff.com/?page_id=155
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