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  1. It's better to buy a real one. I've used all of the timer apps & none work 100% of the time.
  2. Thanks folks for all of the help.
  3. I've searched but I keep reading conflicting answers. I don't like the factory hooked trigger on my SP-01. It's the only thing I can't stand on it. I was looking at DA/SA triggers & found the CZ 85 "original" trigger on CZ Customs website that looks like what I'm looking for. The catch is that it has an over travel screw. Question, if I swapped this 85 trigger into my SP-01 would I remain SSP legal? Thanks, Tom
  4. ^^^sorry but I meant Promag not Magpul.
  5. I use Beretta mags & Mec Gar mags both on duty & for competition. I've never had an issue with either one. I'd stay away from the Magpul & other cheap mags.
  6. This is where I bought my mags. It's a great deal and the mags are awesome.
  7. I have both the Surefire and the Shot Timer PRO. The Shot Timer PRO is a waste of money as it'll literally pick up everyone else except for your own shots. This happened to me repeatedly no matter where I placed the iphone in relation to my pistol. The Surefire does a good job for what it is but it will pick up others shots and miss yours on occasion. What the Surefire excels in is practicing dryfire.
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