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  1. I played with it some more this morning. I reseated the laser body to the spring internal to the housing. I adjusted everything again. I can have the laser shine and hit the top of the 9mm bullet I'm using, but the reflected laser returns at an elevation right above the laser source. It is, at least, centered above the source. The adjustment set screws on the laser housing are all of the way out. If I adjust the screws in, the laser will only walk up in elevation at 45 deg angles not down with screw adjustment. The instructions talk of a black shim that may be used on the mirror mount, but I did not receive it. If I loosen the mirror mount to the press and manual hold it to change the angle of the mirror to shoot the laser return lower, I still am unable to get the laser elevation low enough to get to the prescribed return hole on the laser housing. At this point, I am doing something fundamentally wrong or there is some inherent flaw in my setup. Any ideas?
  2. My issue isn’t left/right, though. The laser is reflecting way above the source. It seems like I need to angle the laser or the mirror down, but that’s not an adjustment. If I loosen the screws at the bottom of the source housing and angle the back up with my hand while it’s loose, it gets to around the top of the source housing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I received the bullet sensor the other day. I can seem to be able to adjust the laser beam back to the return hole. The set screws, when I turn them, move the beam at a 45 deg either left or right, but it is returning the beam way over the laser source with no ability to dial it down. Any ideas?
  4. Use the ball bearings I listed above. This fixes the issue completely. Saul even posted that this is what they all come with now. You need that ball bearing to wedge in to expand the split fingers to hold into the groove of the pouch. Once you do this, they are solid.
  5. here's what I used to fix my pouches. Now they're rock solid: McMaster-Carr P/N 1598K24 (https://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/124/3863) McMaster-Carr P/N 92015A128 (https://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/124/3142)
  6. I measure 21" wide x 19.5" deep x 37" high.
  7. Got the call on Friday - my Evo Pro is ready to ship. Ordered Feb. 5th, delivery ~10/3. Ordered direct from Mark 7.
  8. I just got the call from Mark 7 this afternoon. I ordered the Evo Pro directly from them on Feb. 5th. They told me I'm on the bench now being built, and I should have it before the end of Sept.
  9. Jason Krywicki

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    VZ Diamondbacks. They have a palm swell version as well.
  10. Had that problem. These are the springs you want to buy: https://czcustom.com/spring-mag-mecgar-follower.html
  11. My Shadow 2 holster from RHT was a little loose too. I removed the rubber spacers and filed them down a bit thinner. Fits perfect now.
  12. CZ Custom is offering trigger work now. I told them to hold on to mine and give it the working over. They said their queue was about 8 weeks. They didn't quote a price but just said they would send an updated invoice. I'm guessing $350 - $400? Stuart also said that there were at least 10 or so others before me that asked for this work on their S2s. I know that there is at least one more behind me (buddy of mine got the call about two days after me).
  13. Got the call from SVI this weekend. Going to coating now. 2 to 3 more weeks until delivery. Order date 6/30/15 so right in at a 15 month lead time.
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