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  1. Txs, I checked the ATF website, form 6 instructions say: "4. A permit is not required for a firearm or ammunition brought into the US or any possesion thereof by any person who can establish to the satisfaction of Customs that such firearm or ammunition was previously taken out of the US by such person." I bought the shotgun in question in FL, took it out to Guatemala with me over 3 years ago, I am now moving back to TX, I have the original invoice for th FL purchase under my name. So is it really that simple, just pack and carry into the US?
  2. What about if you are a US citizen and want to bring your firearms back into the US after residing abroad for a number of years?. What applies in this case??
  3. Actually checked my account, never got the email Skywalker , any chance of a re-send to sgrc1@hotmail.com
  4. Skywalker, Excelent! - really appreciate the help. Sergio
  5. It would be great if I could get a copy of the tag to modify with my data, I tried the links but couldn´t access any of them. Please e.mail me at sgrc1@hotmail.com Sergio
  6. So I have been trying for days to order the book with my Credit card without PayPal with no luck. Has anyone purchased the book without using PayPal?
  7. BTW, what is the optimum weight for a limited gun 2011 in .40cal?. I dont have much experience in limited - I have been shooting my Glock and like it very much and I dont have to worry about the weight there. I am just moving to a limited gun (so I can shoot both, I dont intend to let my G17!). I have been reading alot about the lighter guns and dont know what to look for in terms of weight, any advice will be appreciated.
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