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  1. I think it only makes since to be legal in single stack look how many guys that would give it a try if all they had to do is throw a grip on there limited gun and buy some magazines.
  2. Anybody tried the new single stack grip for the 2011 should be nice I would like to shoot my 40 with just a grip change.http://shop.1911parts.com/STI-2011-Grip-Composite-Single-Stack-Black-2011-grip-ss-black.htm
  3. I shot it today had good times but was sloppy on my hits 2:16 2:17 but I had a bunch of D's and C's 10.6 HF 75% open
  4. Just got 100% 10.406 HF time 6:15 first 100 in about 15 years hosed it and hit the reload and didn't drop to many points YE HAW...
  5. At my first IPSC type event ever it was in copper landing they had 2 pepper poppers at 125 yds I was shooting a 45 and never trying shooting a 45 at that distance before I went prone hit them with 2 shots my brother was directly behind me he said both shots skipped into the targets. Hey luck counts
  6. nothing fancy but works good nice snappy fell
  7. Great job Ben its a great Alaskan practice drill we have such short season if I do this all winter I will be really ready this spring. Thanks. Mark,
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