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  1. Talked with Shannon last Saturday and he said the schedule right now (assuming you are not staff) is either Friday AM and Saturday PM, or Friday PM and Saturday AM. Sunday is Easter. If you check your squadding you can determine which you are. The main impact of this is lodging. For example, I am shooting Friday AM and Saturday PM, so I'll drive over from Tampa early Friday and go home Friday afternoon and then drive back Saturday to be there by Noon. If you are coming from a distance and need a hotel this probably means you can get something further from the range and a bit more affordable. If I stay there I always use Budget Inn in Lake Wales -- nothing fancy but recently renovated, no bed bugs, about $80 a night, and 17 minutes to the range. Anything in the Lake Wales area that's cheaper is definitely "at your own risk." One other recommendation is a local family place called the "Frostbite." It's in the town of Frostproof five minutes from the range and 200 meters north of the McD. It has really great service, some very good comfort food such as sandwiches and fried chicken, and it also specializes in a variety of ice creams. Always packed, but we often stop there on the way home even though there are tons of places to eat during the 90 minute drive to Tampa. If you have not been to Florida in April before, the weather will probably be in the 80's and a bit humid, but usually there is little rain. If it does rain, look for it in the afternoon. Good luck.
  2. I shoot and RO at Frostproof often. Just finished shooting and RO'ing FL State and FL Open. I am not an official spokesman for either Shannon or Frostproof, but I'll give you what I know. Plenty of parking in grassy areas. Some, but not all covered by video, but I've never heard of a crime committed in the parking lot. Only crime is the way I shoot, but that's a story for another day. Many, many safety areas where you can work on broken gun, etc. Only really strict rule on gun handling (other than standard USPSA) is that no handling of short guns (pistols) in parking lots -- must be bagged and then unbagged at a safety area. Otherwise, for PCC just follow USPSA rules and watch your muzzle. When your up to shoot, most RO's will probably want to supervise your unbagging; that's the default. Some, like me, will tell you as part of the stage brief that when your next, to just safely (and following USPSA rules) unbag near a berm and proceed muzzle up or down to the start position. They are not lax on following the rules, but nobody is chickens**t. That is, nobody is looking to find a reason to DQ you. In the last three years I've RO'd 18 matches -- mostly Level 2 -- and I've had only 2 DQ's - one where the guy DQ's himself for a shot over the berm and one where I DQ'd myself because I had a gun break and the hammer fell on Make Ready. (Really loud BOOM!) Shannon refers to his shooters as customers and treats you that way. No special treatment for the anyone, but common sense prevails. Generally, they bend over backwards to eliminate 180 traps, so you really have to try hard to DQ for breaking the 180. The 180 is almost always parallel with the back berm, but there are at least four bays (TAC bay and 3 long range) where you can expect the 180 to change depending on the target you are addressing. For example, in one recent match the stage in the TAC bay had targets on the East berm, the South berm, and the West berm. Usually when they do that, the changes in the 180 were announced in advance. If you are not sure, ask. If the PCC Nationals follows recent matches, they will not have an actual on-site shooters brief, just a virtual one. Lots of info in that. Normally, they ask you to check in/register the afternoon before you shoot or, at latest, about a half hour before you're scheduled to start. Also, they normally let you walk the stages at any time as long as there is nobody shooting right that moment, but it's always polite to ask the RO anyway. It's a "look don't touch" situation; you can walk the stage, but not activate swingers, movers, etc. When I shoot Multigun (level 1) there I either use my baby carriage cart or a friend with golf cart sometimes shows up. At the last Multigun Nationals, they let anybody who wanted to do so use a golf cart, but at the other Nationals you had to be disabled and have MD permission to use a golf cart. Not sure what they will do for PCC Nationals. Normally, there is one bay (way down on the end near the TAC bay) dedicated to test firing. Also, if you are far from the test bay and you ask, most RO's will let you put a few into the berm if you just fixed a gun. Like most USPSA matches, lots of people willing to lend you tools, give you a spare battery, or even lend you a gun. RO's have no problem letting two people share a gun. If your gun breaks and you need to change it or share, just remember to have the Range Master approve it. All RO's have radios to contact the Range Master if needed. Most bays are 25-50 meters wide and 40+ deep, but there is one out to 600 and a couple out to 350. There is one called the TAC bay that's about 50x100 meters; it's the one at the bottom of the picture above. Shannon holds a yearly Level I match called the PCC Palooza and we routinely shoot PCC at 80+ yards. If you have not done so already, I'd suggest checking your dope to at least 75 yards and at both a 45 and 90 degree angle (as in VTAC barricade.) For example, my PCC load shoots 3" left and 4" down when I turn the carbine 45 degrees to the left and 5" left and 6" down when I turn the carbine 90 degrees to the left. Shannon usually caters lunch from a local place; nothing special, just burghers and dogs. They provide bottled water at almost all bays. There is a store on site with limited items, such as holsters and a few gun parts, but not extensive. Usually they have a few vendors for big matches: Hunter's Gold, Tech Wear, molded ear plugs, sometimes Brazos or other parts/gun sellers. I would assume JP will be there for the PCC Nationals, but no definite info. The local area has a few eateries within 20 miles, but nothing special. Manny's is okay and there is another okay steak house on 27. On 27 north of Lake Wales there's a Chili's, a barbecue joint, and an IHOP. There are a few good hotels in Lake Wales, but not a lot. Air B&B is an option. The airport staff at Tampa is thorough regarding firearms, but not buttheads. Not sure about Orlando. The drive from Tampa Airport to Frostproof is 90 minutes -- normally without a lot of speed traps. Again, I'm not an official spokesman, just a shooter/RO. It's a good range with a lot of variety. If you have further questions, ask away.
  3. I have back issues, so I like to take my pistol off my belt as much as possible. The ELS system has been a godsend. Can't ​definitively speak to 3GunNation, but for USPSA, it's a no-no. A while ago I asked this specific question of the USPSA rules guy and he unequivocally said removing a holstered pistol from your belt (Safariland ELS) or removing the entire belt with gun holstered was considered unsafe gun handling. He quoted me a USPSA rule but I don't remember which. At a couple of 3GunNation matches I went to, the practice was also prohibited. Like someone else said, go to a safe area or ask an RO.
  4. I used Maui Dive shlp in 2002 and found them a great operation. One quirk is that they store their boat on a trailer and launch it each day. Aparrt from that, they are professional and very accomodating. They also took care to get us to different sites each day. While there, remember you cannot take the drive up the mountain after diving --- it's over 5000 feet. Funny sign there that says: Turn lights on in the Clouds." Best food is at an Italian place on the touristy strip on the west coast and at Mama's fish House just off the road to Hana. Enjoy.
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