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  1. If you're looking for off the shelf then black and silver are your only options with the CK. If you're willing to wait a little longer and pay a little extra then rainbow is the limit... literally. I was at Gator last year and saw the Tialn coating they put on the match open gun and knew my wife would love it as it has a purple hue to it and purple is her favorite color. I messaged through the CK website about cloning the gun and Matt emailed me back almost immediately. Was 9pm by the way. He said Bobby was more familiar with the coating and forwarded the message to him. We just took delivery of the pistol Thursday, I worked up a load Friday and shot it a little yesterday morning. I'm so impressed with this gun that I'm seriously considering putting my Infinity limited gun on the shelf and ordering another CK open thunder for my self. Fit and finish is what I would expect from a much more expensive pistol. 5/5 stars, would recommend to a friend, would buy again. Check CK out on Facebook. They have a ton of finish options available. Beautiful workmanship.
  2. Added a paypal link for your convenience. Still two days to get registered for the Glock 43 raffle! https://www.paypal.me/SouthTexasTactical https://practiscore.com/first-annual-south-texas-tactical-carbine-championship/register
  3. So how about an early bird special? We'll be raffling off a Glock 43 at the South Texas Tactical Carbine Championship. All you have to do is register and have your payment in before July 15th to have a shot at winning. Of course those who have already registered and paid will be entered to win as well. GOOD LUCK! https://practiscore.com/first-annual-south-texas-t…/register
  4. Looking to contact someone by the name of Kamini Kapoor. They've sent a check but have not registered. Please email me at Dspringerii@yahoo.com
  5. Those are the shooter jerseys available for order at registration. The RO jersey will be similar but in a tan instead of green.
  6. I'm with Dr Mitch. Plan where your reload is going to take place. Give yourself a few rounds of buffer and you'll know what's in the gun if you miss.
  7. Match Dates: November 4th and 5th 2016 Location: Coyote Arms Shooting Center 8600 N Big Five Road, Edinburg Texas, 78539 We’re proud to announce the First Annual South Texas Tactical Carbine Championship at Coyote Arms Shooting Center! The match will consist of 250ish rounds with stages ranging from hoser to 300 yards. We’ll be using USPSA Multi-Gun Rules and Time Plus Points with 100 point stages. We have indoor and portable facilities available and we’ll have a lunch truck on site so you can purchase lunch on Saturday. We’ll have closed squadding and dedicated Range Staff. The match will take place over 2 days. There will be 40 slots including staff on Friday and 120 slots on Saturday. All match fees will be going back to the Prize Table with a minimum Prize Table of $15,000 with 6 rifles and 10 pistols being awarded by random drawing among other random shooting related loot. In addition, we’ve set aside $1500 to be divided between the five division winners. We’ll need ten shooters per division to recognize. If a division is not filled we’ll split that prize money between the divisions that filled. Divisions: Ten shooters needed to award Trophies and prize money. Open Tactical (magnified optic) Limited (unmagnified optic or irons) Heavy Metal Tactical (magnified optic, .308 Winchester / 7.62x51 NATO) Heavy Metal Limited (unmagnified optic or irons .308 Winchester / 7.62x51 NATO) We expect the match to be done and dusted by 5pm Saturday. We’ll have a one hour arbitration period and well start awards by 6pm. We’d like to thank our sponsors and hope to add more between now and November. We’ll keep you updated! Coyote Arms http://coyotearmsdefense.com/ Dillon Precision https://www.dillonprecision.com/ South Texas Tactical Weapons http://www.southtexastacticalweapons.com/ Suppressed Tactical Solutions http://www.suppressedtacticalsolutions.com/ Triangle Shooting Sports http://triangleshootingsports.com/ Whisky Arms http://whiskeyarms.com/ Gunsta Match Jerseys will be available at registration for $55. Please make checks payable to… Mel Rodero 2100 Village Center Boulevard Brownsville, TX 78526 Match fee is $130 with all fees going back to the random prize table! Refunds will not be issued after October 4th 2016. Payment must be received within 10 days of registration. We look forward to seeing you. Come down and see us! https://practiscore.com/first-annual-south-texas-tactical-carbine-championship/register
  8. AS mentioned above, Hollow Points will tear these up fast. We tried them for our indoor matches. Just wouldn't last long enough to warrant the cost.
  9. I feel like I read somewhere that you do not want to remove material from the receiver on an 1100.
  10. Shooter (right handed) is backing out of a shooting position down a hall and prepping to move to his right to the next position while reloading. The walls catch a gust of wind and half collapse on the shooter (from the right) and he puts a round in the deck 3 feet from his feet. Walls were not nailed down and the wall that caught the wind was a blue tarp tied between two snow fence walls. He catches the DQ and is cool with it. He stuck around all day and tapped. Didn't have much choice as I drove. Fast forward 6 hours and he is replaying it in his head over and over and he's starting to hate that wall. He calls me and asks if that was his fault. He wanted to know if he could have fought it. My take was regardless of what caused the AD his finger was too close to the trigger. DQ Is there a rule that could have saved him? If an RO bumps you and causes an AD you get a reshoot for RO interference right? Does the same apply to range interference? Thanks
  11. Can't remember who it was but he was a pretty well respected forum member said to tighten your tube down then back it off half a turn. Put your clamp on and you should be fine. I followed this advice and I've been ok.
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