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  1. I really liked the 3n38 124/5 grain load but now since ive switched, I like the dot tracking and feel of the 115's and HS-6. its been working well. AA7 was comparable but liked HS-6 more.
  2. yup exactly what I meant. I load on a 550 currently so spillage isn't terrible but after just a 100 or 200 the press needs cleaning. using HS-6, even around 9 grains still isn't nearly as full as the 3n38 load and never spills. and due to the full case, I was forced to use 124/5's with 3n38. not enough powder for 115s (with two big barrel ports and a slower barrel). I plan to upgrade to a 650 soon and it will be nice to not have to worry about spilled powder as much.
  3. Running HS-6 out of my SV open gun now. Switched over from 3n38 because it's much cleaner reloading HS-6 on the press. 115 grain PD around 175 pf. Feels very nice. Predictable dot movement.
  4. I currently use a lee U-die, seater and factory crimp die on a 550. Has been working out great so far. I do spill a lot of powder all over the press but clean every 100 rounds. It's slow loading but you get to used to it. Everything I read, people seem to seat in one station and taper crimp in another. What are you having issues with? Getting the bullet to rest nicely in a case that full is tricky but the more you do, the easier it gets. Ive come to find that it's never going to be real easy loading 3n38 in 9 major when loading over 9.2 grains.
  5. user293


    Im out of 3n38 for my SV 9 major and don't feel like making an order from powder valley for just one jug so im gonna try some AA7 and 115 PD's tomorrow. got a bunch loaded at 10.6 to try out. also gonna compare to 9.2 of HS-6 as well. see which one I can use as a backup to my 3n38 loads. I feel spoiled loaded AA7 and HS6 as the powder doesn't come close to the top of the case like 3n38. a nice change.
  6. how often do you practice? do you practice or are you only shooting local and bigger matches? I don't know if a year and a half on just club matches alone is enough to get fully used to a gun. dry fire is good but doesn't help when your issue is getting a rhythm with your gun while shooting it. id try to set up some practice stage situations where you seem to struggle the most and repeat it until you get some rhythm down. if that doesn't work perhaps try to try out some other guns and see if the light goes on. as far as grip goes, I noticed a lot of help from a thumb rest. helps out with grip consistency for me so my thumb always has a place to be and it helped out my grip overall. just some thoughts.
  7. I run an mbx mag in my svi but only the 170 so I do t reload to an mbx. I've noticed no matter what I do or how much I file, any mag will touch the ejector in my gun if pushed hard enough on an open slide. So I switch my mag I reload to, to a new style SV 140mm mag. It still hits but it fits better than the mbx or old style SV mags I've tried. Now inserting a loaded mag with the slide shut, I don't think you have to worry about over inserting because you have that buffer of the top round and the slide. It may touch the ejector but now enough to bend it. I had ejector issues because mines was bending because of age. I threw a new SV ejector and it's been fine since. I reload my new SV mag hard and has not bent the ejector at all. You should be fine just keep an eye out for bending when you clean the gun. And keep track of the ejectors age. The do become weak over time. Hope this helps.
  8. sorry i thought i responded sooner to this. i took out the block and had to file off the round part of the block to fit the trigger profile. take a little material off at a time until it fits snug.
  9. My cases are even a little more full than that. But I'm not on a 650 either. One day I will be
  10. Worth a shot to try. If your barrel and comp setup chronos faster, you won't have to load as much powder which is nice.
  11. Nah not really. Press will get messy over time but not bad. Just clean it quick every couple hundred rounds. Any more powder though and the case doesn't sit in the bell very nice and spills more. I load on a 550 but I can turn out rounds fast enough for me.
  12. I like the because it's the one powder that does everything I want it to do. Dot doesn't move too much. Very predictable. Tracking is good. Feel is good. Everything about it is just right on for me. But I've only owned two open guns ever and they both had hybrid barrels with ports and all I every shot was 3n38. So maybe it's a biased thing and I'm used to the feel and. that everything else just doesn't feel right.
  13. I don't have much data saved but I use 3n38 for 9 major in my SV. 9.4 grains with a PD124 JHP gets me about 173-175 pf. Have tried hs-6, AA7, win 572(although I didn't test it up to major PF yet) and they all fall short to 3n38. I could try to load up some AA9 for giggles but my barrel isn't the fastest for making major super easy.
  14. I took it apart and found out where the trigger guard was getting held up and filed down the material until it fit snug. Then assemble and see if it works and draws well. Take a little material at a time you don't want it too loose.
  15. i use the daa racemaster magnetic but even though i bought the SV steel insert (for my steel grip) it didnt fit right and needed to be modified.
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