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  1. Heck, I don't know CZ. That's why I brought it up. I could see feasibility in not letting a up coming shooter rehearse a stage from 'make ready' to 'range is clear'. Pasters/score keepers on the range should certainly be aware of where the shooter is and what he is doing- a shooter rehearsing is probably in a different mindset. It was as innocent as pasting an un-scored target, but as dangerous as breaking the 180. The consensus seems to be that it should go unpunished.....still not sure if I agree with that or not. It was a dumba$$ bone headed move.
  2. I think that is a great idea and a positive outcome for this thread......Thanks!!
  3. Agreed CZ.....this had nothing to do with stage design or the RO's competency.
  4. Long story, but I will try to get the facts as best I can to get accurate answer- Setup- this stage in in a somewhat large bay that is about 40 yards wide- basically, the shooter starts towards the front of the bay(centered) then goes to one side, center in the front of the bay, then to the other side(think triangle). Movement is about 30 yards L-R and 20 yards F-B. Scenario-we had a shooter going thru the stage and were nearing the end. He was at his last position (the front right corner of the bay). The on deck shooter (OD) for some reason decides to start one last rehearsal. He starts in the center (air gunning), goes to the left, and then advances forward (remember the shooter is still shooting). OD gets about 15 feet in front of the shooter (but on the other side of the bay). A spectator calls STOP. The RO was watching the shooter and didn't really have the ability to see OD in his peripheral vision. So OD is completely embarrassed and handled it as best he could- I honestly think he just had a brain malfunction. The shooter of course gets a re-shoot. My question is this- is there any penalty for this?? I know that some of the folks involved are on this forum….If they want to chime in fine, but I will keep it a bit anonymous. I’m not trying to call out OD, just wondering what if any penalty there could be..
  5. oh, its in the conversion section...sorry. please delete thread. thanks
  6. if this has been answered, sorry but i couldn't find it. I have a small pistol Casefeder for 9mm and .40. I am switching to .45ACP- do i need another casefeeder, or can i just buy the parts to switch it?? I cant seem to find the parts listed on BE or Dillon. Thanks.
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