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  1. I have one I put the .40 slide on the ,45 frame... Just need to tweak the mags a bit more to get reliable feeding....
  2. Slightly off forum topics... But I was thinking of getting a lower profile holster for carrying around our farm (especially if I get my 10mm conversion) Didn't see them out there with a search, anyone have idea's where I can get a nice leather holster thanks
  3. I have 2 Compact SDP Alpha's I wish I had the full size and fiber optic sights.... I like it as a Concealed carry gun; Very accurate!
  4. Full size......I don't think so.... I gave up hope and bought a stock 3... They do have the longer grip model with full frame metal out now But it was brought to my attention in another thread that they may be having financial issues...but I don't see much out there to verfiy that info....
  5. I just bought a stock 3 from Jim Bodkin; "jdsales" Finished the gun in about a week Lights off CCI fine; now someone will chime in and turn it into a "mine is better than yours" debate But I can't say how nice and easy the transaction was.... Very happy with the gun
  6. Great review, I can only add that mine is very accurate. 100 yd shots on steel is "easy" if I do my part
  7. Thanks all for help deciding what to purchase. I ordered a Stock 3 thru Jim Bodkin and it is ready to ship I had him go thru trigger and do what he saw fit to make her race ready He is even anodizing 6 baseplates to match the grips 10 Yard test target
  8. I wear a 33-34" waist I ordered a 34" and I have 0 overlap; wish I would have gone larger. I wear the belt backwards and was trying to put shotgun shell holders up front. Previously I was trying to use this for 3 gun also and have a few rifle mag pouches that might make the belt "shrink" as it seems to keep the belt off the inner belt a bit; but not sure...
  9. My LGS had one that sold the first day it came in; It was on lay away but I did get to play with it. (the salesmans friend was buying it, so he let me carefully inspect) Very nice reset.....
  10. I think a deeper cut in the backstap area (like the x-5) would seal the deal for me....
  11. scubadds

    P7m8 for idpa

    I am not sure of the rules or how the apply or precedents, but 4.13 technically rounds down/ = to 4.1 Or they should say 4.10.....
  12. I am left eye dominant and shoot pistol primarily right handed. I practice dentistry left handed, and my left hand is becoming stronger such that I started returning tennis with my left hand now (both really) But over the years I feel my left hand may be a better shooting hand, except for some reason the recoil impulse feels stronger with my left hand shooting; I am thinking about getting a left handed holster just to see how it feels on the draw
  13. scubadds

    Heaviest 9mm for wife

    I sold my old Beretta 92 and never thought about letting my wife shoot that one....but it seemed soft and easy to manipulate the slide She finds pinching the slide and pulling it back not so easy....Of course there are tricks to help; but she doesn't care to shoot enough to fiddle with it....
  14. I haven't tried coated bullets yet; what is the advantage? is it primarly cost? Can you run them thru a Poly barrel? Say like a stock 3 Tanfo
  15. I just ordered a stock 3 yesterday. Didn't strongly consider looking for extreme.... I opted to have the parts replaced to my liking; I figure I may Robar it later if/when the finish wears out.... but I may feel differently once I get mine finished... Not sure how much the Robar costs (or comparable finish)... I am conflicted if I want ceracoat like I assume is on the extreme Initially I replied that it was too much cost difference to justify; but after seeing the price at Oak Hill; I think I would spring for it.
  16. Thanks I was all over the place for a bit; Sent Jim Bodkin a check for a Stock 3....
  17. I am gong with the stock 3 for now. Sending a check to Jim bodkin tomorrow If u sell one of my 1006's 10mm and get a slide for the tanfo then I may can swing another pistol before too long.
  18. guys, you are not making this easy.... Perhaps I should get the Stock 2 now, while the are in stock.... Then sell off a pistol and get a Stock 3 later (get rid of Smith 1006 and get the 10mm slide for the S3) Does the extra weight of the S3 really affect moving onto target?
  19. I wonder why..... The reality is the all will be adequate for me...I think I just like the look of the S3 (especially after I saw a pic of one in NP3 Robar) .....I guess I am tactical timmy...
  20. that's what I am thinking..... Hope to order it this afternoon,, If I don't get "pre-buyers remorse"
  21. scubadds

    CZ 75 TS - Customized

    nice work, reminds me of the extreme tanfo's
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