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  1. Sounds like I'm going to be fine with the required oal, now I just need to get the load worked up before next weekends match. Hopefully the load will work well enough in a factory barrel also, as I intended to shoot production and production optics. I have two M&Ps to keep switching back and forth simple.
  2. Thanks for the input. I'll start re-working my load.
  3. I have been running Montana gold 124jhp,4.7 WST with an oal 1.13 for a couple years now out of a M&P pro. This averages 1075fps. I installed a new apex barrel and it wants a max OAL of 1.085-1.090. Since I have about 7 lbs of WST left I need to figure out how to make this work if possible. Should I just drop powder down and work my way up or is that length going to be unrealistic? Current rounds will force load,but ejecting is a major issue with obvious marks on the bullet.
  4. Installed the barrel, but my current load will not seat. MG 124 jhp, OAL 1.13 (avg) with 4.7 WST. Placing a bullet in a spent shell multiple times and seating it reruns an oal of 1.085. Not sure how safe or how to go about rebuilding a load for that oal.? The barrel did shoot @ 1 inch at 23 yards braced on my knees compared to 2 inch with the factory barrel. That was using a friends 115 RN loads witch seat fine with oal of 1.128 Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Here is the data from the load I shoot production with: 124 MG JHP 4.7 WST 1.115 1024-1105 @ 65F out of a M&P L. Now my chrono tends to run a fuzz slow come to find out.
  6. Thanks for the input. I loaded some from 4.7-4.9 and changed col to 1.250. The ones at 4.9 with a col of 1.250 chronoed @ 775 with no pressure signs.. One thing I did notice though was the difference between my Pro Chrono and my buddies CED. Setup in line with each other his was reading 25+ fps slower than mine.
  7. (sorry hit wrong key and it posted mid sentence) anyway the load info on winchester's website is no where close to what everyone here seems to recommend. Any help and or explanations would be appreciated. Thanks Shane
  8. For starters I have only been reloading for a year now, but have been using WST for 9mm production load. Just bought a STI Ranger II in .45 and am trying to use the same powder. Here is where I started after reading and reading some more: 4.7 gr. WST 230gr. Xtreme RN, COL 1.260 = Chrono (75-80 temp) 721, 728, 737, 704 AVG 723 Now I would like to raise the average to at least 750 fps. Would you add powder or shorten COL? and why? I was reading on here that you could use lead data, so I went winchester's website a
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