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  1. Guys, what triggers are you using in your P16 40's, Pro Customs / R1's etc and where are you finding them ?
  2. Hi Guys, Just a quick question with regards to mounting the Racer pedal onto a limited / std gun. Has, or can it be done ? Very keen to give it a bash. I'm not in the states, so it is legal as long as it fits in the box. I see Kyle mounted one onto a CZ, so i was just wondering if that was a normal racer *thumb rest [generic]* (or if there is one specifically for limited guns) or if he had to make a modification with regards to the spacing between the frame and the *thumb rest [generic]*. Thanks for your time, much appreciated.
  3. Well done Scoot (Fabian Scott) Good to see you kicked some ass over there. Rusty Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into Jet Engines!!!
  4. The question is.....how much is it to join USPSA Rusty
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