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  1. The PST Gen 2 has much better glass than the strike eagle at about half the cost of the high end optics. The VMR-2 reticle works well too. That being said, there is a match ready Strike Eagle for sale in the classifieds if you decide to go that route.
  2. I'm looking for them too. I also thought I saw a match hotel, but that's missing also. This may be what you're looking for..... http://www.usaac.army.mil/amu/match-info.html
  3. That is a great deal! Cabelas currently does not have a store in Alabama but I believe they are going to build one in Huntsville in the Fall of this year.
  4. Ryan this is TFD with hills. Only down side is it wont be anywhere near as hot as Blakely, GA in the summer time It's an awesome match! You'll love it.
  5. A big thanks to all the staff for an awesome match and to the sponsors for an outstanding prize table. This match was very challenging for marksmanship skills and physical abilities and it was a lot of fun ( in a sick and twisted kind of way ). Looking forward to doing it again next year.
  6. Kang8r

    Best Comp?

    +1 or the SJC.It;s super flat when using the right loads but the concussion is BRUTAL!! especially for the RO or anyone standing off to the side of the shooter. I've considered using cotton balls or foam earplugs in the nostrils to reduce the pressure in my sinuses
  7. I found a really good condition used one on Armslist. Runs great, There were others.
  8. +1 for Jeff @ CRums. He did a great job on mine..
  9. I like the hornady 55gr (I buy them in the handy 6000 pack). +1 Great bullet. I use the 69 SMK for 300+. The 69 is a bit more accurate out of both my 16" and 18" barrels, and they do rock the steel a little better at distance. For the majority of my shooting, the Hornady 55's do just fine.
  10. I plan on running my SBR'S at some club matches this year just for S&G. The 300BLK suppressed is just too much fun.
  11. Lots of running on this one, and no way to go prone (as far as I remember) a the last position because of the grass... Stage 4 was one of the more physically challenging stages. Lots of running with an additional 10lbs of mud on your boots if you ran it after (during) a rain shower. I needed that golf cart to carry me back.BRM3G is one of the most fun and challenging matches I've attended. I hate that I'm going to miss it this year.
  12. Dang! If this match were one month later I could combine it with a company trip. Sounds like its going to be a lot of fun. If not this year, definitely next year.
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