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  1. Ya holes in the sight trackers top rib.
  2. Who makes a good 5" vented Sight Tracker Pistol? Looking for a 2011 version preferably.
  3. The SVI should fit the STI right?
  4. Yup. Normal STI Frame built by Freedom Gun Works. And it is a actual STI Frame not one of the new ones that FGW is coming out with. You can see in the holster where its getting gouged by the dust cover.
  5. The mold they have must be too thin or something. Its way too tight on the dust cover....which just happen to be where the rivets are located on the holster. You have to sit there...grip the holster with one hand and the gun with the other and muscle it out. And forget about using the locking mechanism if the gun isn't locked and cocked. The only work around I can even see on it is to heat up the holster to try and remold it...but they said to specifically not do that :/
  6. My bad, can't use race holsters. This is for the newly add pistol in the Precision Rifle Matches.
  7. Anyone got recommendations on who makes a good holster with "adjustable" retention(or not retard tight retention)? I got my g-code holster yesterday....and the 2011 can not be safely drawn from it. Their recommendation was to carefully pry it apart a little after taking out the retention screw....which didn't work for shit. The bad side to this is I need it for a match in a week and a half.
  8. Its kinda amazing how this bad info which gets instantly refuted continually pops up.....
  9. At some point I'll convert it to a CNC....but I'll keep it as the normal mill for at least a few months to learn what the hell I'm doing first. Ya, I plan on the Tormach TTS parts, just need to figure out the proper stuff to start at.
  10. lol I wish I could justify the HAAS. Nah it'll be a similar setup to StraightUp's.
  11. Another quesiton. Whats the min tooling you recommend buying for someone starting off? About to order my mini mill to get this party started.
  12. I don't think I saw on here anywhere, but whats your process for fitting the barrel bushing to the slide?
  13. Hey guys, does anyone know what the best after market slides are for a G34(3rd Gen)? Basically I need something that I can mount a RMR on, and a nice clean look with a brake hanging off the front, but no modifications to the OEM slide or frame so I can still swap it back to that for normal matches. Basically...more and more Precision matches are including pistol now, and I need to rail those targets as quickly as possibly...hence Red Dot and Brake.
  14. When I've got some time tomorrow I will put some measurements from the Nighthawk vs the Colt barrel for it in here tomorrow. I think at the very least I'm gonna have to rechamber it with all the material I've removed from the hood.
  15. Gotcha. Which book is that? And my new barrel bushing that I can screw with will be here tomorrow. Was playing with the barrel and I think its a binding issue on the bushing at this point, but either way I think the barrel is trashed. Or at least I wouldn't trust it to be fired at this point. It was just way oversized.
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