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  1. Maybe it's time to chill for a few days? The last thing you want to do is force it, shoot for the sake of shooting and reinforce bad juju. Take a few days man, it's not a crime.
  2. Man hang in there! Everyone has those days, next match will be a new day. Your mag changes were nice and fast!
  3. Doctrine: Shoot all Alphas you TWIT

  4. A few weeks back rangerguy and myself were practicing and we decided we would hit the rifle range with our pistols for fun. At 175 yards I asked him if he saw a dirt clump about the size of a softball on the right edge of the berm. While he was looking he bagan to say he saw it as I was letting a shot go, it smashed the dirt clump. He looks at me and says "yeah that dirt clump"
  5. The other day I heard this Gem: "Federal Gold Medal Match isn't capable of making 1000 yard shots, you would have to pull all the bullets and weigh them first" bwahahaha! Tell that to the guys at Camp Perry who used it for years
  6. Chris, Lots of great stuff here, i'll be reading for a while! I can see you have the drive and determination to go wherever you want to go in shooting! Keep up the good work! And FYI: I am really jealous of you having a range in your back yard! The shortest drive for me to shoot/practice is an hour away!
  7. Three of the local matches I attend charge $15 the fourth charges $20 but they use the additional $5 to feed everyone after the match. Its really quite nice to tear down and have a warm bowl of chili on a cold day! They have had some pretty darn good spreads! I should add that all matches have at least 5 stages with the exception of one. One match has 4 stages typically but that will soon change once the club finds bigger accommodations .
  8. There is no substitute for hard work! One of these days my hard work will pay off!

  9. Visualize, visualize, visualize. And visualize again! I used to get the nerves going to the point where I would blow up in a hurry. What has helped me is simply visualizing the way I am going to shoot the stage over and over again. I look at the stage, formulate my plan and play the movie in my head over and over. This has done wonders for me in many ways. Now I can't say that everything always turns out as planned but, it is a marked difference from the days when I would just go out and blast haphazardly.
  10. Good guy to deal with! Shipping was prompt and items arrived as advertised.

    Thanks Man!

  11. Greg is was great shooting with you too yesterday. If I am in MB, I will let you know. If you're in the upstate, come check us out, 1st and 4th saturdays. www.shootspsa.org

  12. Glenn,

    Good shooting with you yesterday! Look me up next time you're in the MB area, we'll hit up a match


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