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  1. Your start position looked kinda awkward, like you didn't really have an aggressive platform to spring from. I would suggest trying to get as aggressive of a position as you can to get moving faster. Your draw looked pretty good, you had your gun up and just about ready to shoot as you came into the first position, I would suggest running a little harder to the position. Also, from the first position it looked like you wasted a lot of time on the last target with the hard lean, it probably would have been better to shoot it from the second position as it would have been easier to see and to shoot from a more stable platform. All in all it looked pretty good, reloads were decent, could have been a bit quicker. Supposing your hits are good; I would work on reloads, entries and exits etc.. Also one thing; it seems you are shooting like tap tap... tap tap... tap tap... I would work on speeding up transitions and making two distinct aimed shots on each target and try to get a cadence more like; tap.tap.tap.tap.tap.tap.tap. How were your hits?
  2. Production. Period. Production will give him a stable platform to build upon once he gets going in the sport and wants to move on to other things. It will make him do a ton of reloads, shoot accurately and train him to plan stages. Once he gets good in production, he can slide to any other division and swim with confidence.
  3. Clearly a little(TON) of Ben nuthugging going on here by the looks of your gear.. Haha.. That being said, you need to MOVE. You are not nearly aggressive enough... MOVE YOUR ASS! Also it looks like you *think* about each individual shot and transition. This indicates that you are not *mentally planning/programming* effectively. Take the time to plan your stage execution, when the timer goes off run the program. Also; there is a ton of wasted movement on your draws and reloads. Dry fire. On your shooting positions you tend to shuffle your feet a lot, pick a place where you can see/shoot your targets with minimal movement and shuffling. When you get to a position be ready to shoot, you tend to carry the gun low and are wasting a lot of time on your setups. Also it appears that you do a lot of your reloads with the gun far away from your body, bring the gun in & stick your reloads faster. Stage 8; back to that planning thing. Walk through & plan your stages, burn them in mentally like 50 times before you shoot. This was a prime example of not properly planning your stage for efficiency. Planning is a huge deal. Work on your start positions, on stage 9 you were way overextended which caused you a lot of truble hitting your draw and getting to the shooting quickly, choose a comfortable spot that lets you move with ease to get to the shooting. Also on the stages which have arrays on the right and to the left, you tend to do this zig zag movement, it would be much faster to stay in the middle and use your upper body like a turret rather than weaving your way through a course of fire.. The quickest way to get to a destination is a straight line..
  4. I would say that looking at the vids the weakest part of your game right now is your draw. Movement looks real good. If you could go one for one on all steel you'd probably shave off some time and earn some match points. Nice!
  5. Well, on the first stage your start position was awkward, you were leaning a lot more than you shuld have been which resulted in a slow start. You should have hand on your gun in the first step and it should have been out before you got to the first position. You were going too far into the ports for sure. I don't think you really gained much by shooting the far right partial target on the move, you probably should have just hauled ass to the first port shot the array in the port, turned right and hammered that target and hauled ass to the next position. Then in the last position you threw a mag change when it wasn't needed you should have just gotten it back into battery as I am sure your gun holds more than the 14 rounds required for the stage. Second stage the first 3 positions looked ok, In the 4th position it looked like you went back and fourth twice on the steel. Not being able to see the array I can't tell if it was necessary or not. 3rd stage; it looks like on your draw you hunch over, better to start in the position you want to shoot from and bring the gun into your line of sight. Good recoil control. 2nd string, draw looked a little slow and your reload was slow & bobbled which looked like it made your last shot go over the par time. Also your stance isn't very aggressive I think it would help you a lot to have a more athletic and aggressive stance. 3rd string; It probably would have been better to shoot from right to left and let the recoil do some work for you. 4th stage; looked pretty decent from what I could see. It looks like you're very tense in the shoulders and hunched over again. Relax. 5th; wayyy too slow on the draw, you should have had your gun out & up before getting to the first port. you look like you're pretty athletic and have decent foot speed. I think ironing out draws & reloads, relaxing and getting to postions READY TO SHOOT would go a long way for you. Good job man, I am not trying to tear you apart. I think with some tweaks and some practice you could do pretty well. Keep it up!
  6. Ok, just to give you all an update on this; From the point the issue was noticed I have taken several actions in an effort to rectify the problem. First I swapped out sights to 2 different sets and the issue was duplicated with the same result. Wild groupings with a left bias. I changed recoil assemblies during this process and also produced the same results. The only thing that fixed the issue was changing barrels. I was fortunate enough to find an awesome guy with a used KKM here on the forum. Once I put the new barrel in I was able to easily shoot fist sized groups at 25 yards with no left bias, no issues whatsoever. The factory barrel was defective. At some point in time I will get a crowning tool and attempt to salvage the factory barrel if possible.
  7. Hey guys, it appears my Bladetech DOH is just outside of being the legal 2'' from the body. Have any of you had to modify yours for compliance? If so what did you do to make it work?
  8. Well starting off on the first stage, it looks like you need to bring the gun in closer on reloads and start them a bit earlier. Draw looks a tad slow. Your recoil control is very good. (What's up with the arms all the way up start position? - Unless that was required for that stage, get your hands barely above your shoulders) Second stage; Draw to first shot was a bit slow, you could have also been backing out from the first position while shooting, reloads could be started and finished earlier. Also try to move through positions if you can, stopping / starting is always slower. And your shooting cadence sounds very staggered, how are your hits(especially your second shot on a target)? Third stage; In the first two positions it looked like you did a better job of calling your shots, again reloads sooner. fourth stage; I think you would benefit from moving more agressively, same issues as above.. That last makeup shot probably cost you more than leaving it.. Fifth; decent job on the steel, almost 1-for-1
  9. It is production legal to recrown a stock barrel?
  10. That gun does not group nearly as well as my G35, or my friends G35 & G24.. If we hadn't shot 4 guns at that distance or tried 4 different types of ammo in my G34 I would believe that it was me. But at 35 yards I was able to hold a 6'' group with all the other guns without any trouble. The g34's group was 10-12'' at that range. At 15 yards it will hold a decent group but once I get beyond 25 it opens way up drastically. And for the record; I have been shooting a Glock 35 in limited since I started competing 5 years ago, so I am no stranger to a glock or what I need to do to make it work.. I switched to production recently and upgraded from a G17 which grouped considerably better than this 34.. It's just frustrating as heck..
  11. Looking at the crown of the barrel; it appears very rough and uneven all the way around, it appears pitted as if it was not finished to a nice smooth crown..
  12. For lack of a better term; it seems like the shots are curving like a curve ball once they get to a certain distance..
  13. The front sight is good to go, at one point I had come over 7 clicks right and still my shots were drifting left from point of aim. It is truly bizarre.. All the other guns we shot are set up identically, dawson adjustables, similar trigger jobs etc... I think it's in the barrel or maybe in the locking lug??
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