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  1. I'm going to check with Clandestine, too. Do you still need the super heavy buffer even with the bigger spring? Was that the gunsmith that dressed up like a woman and always professed his love for 40S&W 1911s? I may be thinking of the wrong guy. Ideally you want a LONGER & HEAVIER 9MM buffer. OR, you could get by with a standard carbine buffer & a 9MM spacer/6quarters stacked up in your buffer tube. You may be able to get away with running a standard carbine buffer, but YMMV.
  2. Just don't use pieces of cut-up tshirt as a carbine buffer spacer in lieu of 6 quarters or the correct 9MM buffer. Trust me.
  3. AR-10 springs are actually recommended by some manufacturers for 9mm builds, JP for example. As long is it is the correct size for your buffer tube (Rifle of Carbine), it should be good to go.
  4. The Hiperfire Eclipse is basically a Hiperfire 24C or 24 3G with a smoother finish on the parts. There are marginal gains to be had above the 24C or 23 3G, but they are the cream of the crop! The Eclipse are going to be a far superior trigger over a S3G, especially for 3gun.
  5. You have been looking at some seriously expensive 9mm cans thats for sure... What are they about $500? Then the stamp cost for cutting to SBR and the comp? Then having the cut and threading done? Most people wouldn't buy a 16" barrel to cut to SBR length and then thread it. There are numerous 8.5-10.5" barrels out there for $100-$200 (that are already threaded) if someone wants a shorter barrel.
  6. This is a public service announcement for those who are currently looking to build 9MM Pistol Caliber Carbines for USPSA. Carbine buffers & Rifle buffer tubes/springs do not mix. The combination can wreak havoc on components and break stuff. It won't cycle properly, if at all. We recently had a customer build up a 9MM carbine and mix a 9MM buffer/BCG combo with a Rifle buffer/spring combo which didn't function properly and he got upset with us for the assembly not working properly. We refused to take the damaged product back for a refund. In emails he stated: We thought it was common knowledge (or at least searchable knowledge) not to mix Rifle/Carbine buttstock components. However, for those who haven't built many AR-15s they may not realize there is a difference. For those building 9MM carbines for the first time: Stick to Carbine buffers and buffer tubes and you will be far better off. This image gives some datapoints to go off of as far as lengths, but doesn't mention 9MM buffers weigh typically weigh in the 5oz range.
  7. True dat. And he runs a pump shotgun decently. Don't ask him for pistol shooting lessons, however.
  8. Who did the work opening your loading port? We did it here. The only work that was sent out was the c-rums welded lifter.
  9. They are sweet scopes. Incredibly day-light bright too. Thats really my only complaint about most cheaper scopes. Having a 1-6 with a super bright reticle is awesome.
  10. The 24G the same internals and quick reset as the 24C but it doesnt have a flat trigger or the trigger shoe. They're both good triggers!
  11. I shoot my upper with a Nordic barrel with an M16 carrier and XM193 without issues. Like was said, any decent gas block will work and it doesn't need to be adjustable necessarily with the Nordic.
  12. We clipped 4 coils off of the lifter spring on the 1301 with minimal effect on the loading ability but no effect on operation. YMMV
  13. The shoot through in question was at a very shallow angle and the rifle bullet just grazed the steel. Based on the stage design it could have been eliminated by moving targets a little without changing the stage much at all. We had several on our squad that barely grazed the steel targets but we had one shooter hit the steel hard enough to knock it down. The shot angle was somewhat gamey as the paper target was engaged with a rifle at an angle instead of a pistol target head-on, but the stage was intended to present both options to the shooter as I understood it on the stage walkthrough. Here's a link to my video. You can see at ~33seconds the targets being engaged at an angle. http://youtu.be/_E4DAO22pQk?t=31s One of those shots resulted in the pass-through ricochet on steel with another shooter at this match.
  14. Agreed. I think the prize tables seemed pretty balanced regardless of division. Our videos from the match:
  15. It was good shooting with you! I was surprised to see Canadians there but its a good match to make a trek for. Also, Happy Canada day!
  16. Welding the lifter can still help. With smaller thumbs they can still get caught
  17. This years match was even better than last years! Thanks again to all the ROs, MDs and those who helped make it happen. It ran super smooth and the stages were really challenging and enjoyable.
  18. I think you're missing my point. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/competition Door prizes are great for everyone, but "real" prizes should typically go to the real winners. I rarely win anything really good at a prize table, but that's how it should always be. If someone else beats me fair and square then he deserves a better placque, prize, or purple ribbon (whatever the case may be). Why do new shooters NEED to feel they got something they didn't necessarily earn? Is it fun to win something? Sure. Is it an entitlement? No. New shooters shoot for the experience and to gain something from the experience. Shooting as a hobby is very rarely a profitable venture. I shoot for fun and bragging rights. If I win stuff, that's cool too. I sponsor shoots for advertising and hope that "better" shooters end up with the product if they're using it publicly. It's a better show of the product. Does Benelli get better advertising if a new shooter shoots their firearm and shoots a stage in 60 seconds or if a Pro shoots that stage in 15 seconds? Should all sponsorships from big firearm manufacturers go to all new shooters who never place high in the rankings so they can feel like they got something? Why don't new shooters get something every time they shoot at a small local match? Why don't I get something for doing well at a local match? They and I still shoot the local matches even without prizes? Look at the ATA's trap numbers recently. They give out a TON of prizes. I shot at The Grand a couple years ago at Sparta, IL and IIRC the numbers had shrunk to dismal levels compared to previous years. You can't make a blanket statement that says prizes automatically will grow a sport. Once the new shooter gets "decent" he'll get bored quicker if his efforts don't actually mean jack.
  19. While I agree philosophically, this is a terrible way to grow this and any other sport/game.If you want to grow you need to attract new players. You don't attract new players by clearly illutrating to them that they're money is 100% going into the hands of those above them; they need to walk with something and have a positive experience that encourges them to stick with it and to get their friends into it Maybe everyone should get blue ribbons for participating?I plink at the range for fun. I compete for bragging rights/prizes/fun. Its a competition. There's money involved. Its expensive. If I shoot 3x faster than someone else my stuffed animal prize should be bigger, right? Otherwise, whats the point of them striving to get better? Id assume the vast maiority of the type A personalities that travel to big shoots and spend $500-1500 in a weekend on entry fees and associated shooting costs dont want random prizes. Its fine at the zombie match which is geared towards beginners but...not at big matches.
  20. Mine doesnt seem to be overly stiff either.Before and after switchview it seems to work fine.
  21. Comparing the 1-6 Razor and a 1-4 PST is a night and day difference. The superior illumination, extra 2 powers, and huge FOV are big sellers for me. I love my 1-6 Razor and although it's a little heavy it doesn't matter much ,IMO, unless trying to run a super light rifle.
  22. Not the most stealthy way to cheat... Hopefully the awareness brough to the situation will set a standard and nip others in the bud or stop if they are currently operating similarly
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