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  1. I live in Melbourne, grew up in Brevard County. From Cape Canaveral down to Sebastian Inlet it's only an hour apart, so you could hit multiple beaches along A1A in one visit, including Cocoa Beach and Melbourne beach. Some notable stops, the Pier and Ron Jons in Cocoa Beach, Quite Flight surf shop, Natural art surf shop, Patrick AFB (Picnic tables, officers club, 2nd light), Indialantic Boardwalk, 5th Avenue, Longboard House, Spanish House/Sea Grapes between 5th Avenue and Sebastian Inlet (if you like to surf), Sebastian. there are also a lot of Pubic Parks that have beach access along A1A.
  2. Since my PCC is short stroked the Bolt Catch doesn't work, so I replaced the detent and spring to a solid pin to put constant downward pressure on the magblock. It hasn't moved.
  3. Between Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof and Extreme GM at Volusia there should be some local matches going on the weekend before and after those dates. Volusia has 3 different clubs hosting USPSA the first, third and fourth Saturdays. They also have USPSA every Thursday. Universals local USPSA is every second Sunday (but I heard Jan is a classifer match). There is also OK Corral, Port Malabar and Central Florida within driving distance, their matches are on the second Saturday/Sunday.
  4. Look at the JBO (Joe Bob Outfitters). Its 60 degree, you can swap the levers, works with Hiperfire and cheap.
  5. Hi, I'll take the Mitchell Mag release. Can you do PayPal?





  6. Its like tuning a guitar string. Not too tight, not too loose = Just right.
  7. A little extra security that prevents the muzzle from bumping up while the holster is unlocked. Like starting from a seated position, muzzle might push into the chair or your leg, dislodging the gun. I wouldn't buy one though. Easy enough to make one. I made this with parts laying around my garage to see if I liked it. photo sharing websites
  8. Plain black for me. More precise, no fiber glow to obscure the edges of the sight. With the fiber I was breaking the shot as soon as seeing green (or red), now I see the edges of the sight.
  9. Regarding my 1911, though, I use the trigger finger with success. Hand shift is a total non-issue for me because the shift occurs naturally when I engage the thumb safety up to safe You activate your manual safety when doing a reload? Interesting.
  10. I switched to a right side release. Averaging a .90-.95 reload with it. It's slower for me using the trigger or middle finger.
  11. Here is my solution. Piece of 1/4" ABS plastic that fits into the belt notch. Drill through it and bolt directly to belt. It could also mount to an ELS fork if thats what you wanted.
  12. People develop skills differently. While advice from the Pros is insightful, you have to make it work for you. For me, I had the concepts of the "non-shooting" skills fairly well developed as a B shooter. While not perfect, my draw, reload, movement skills were above my ranking, and my shooting skills were just average. Those non-shooting skills are much easier and quicker to develop and ingrain than the pure shooting skills which takes time. As I got better, I started spending more time with the shooting skills and only practiced the non-shooting skills as maintanance. Having a foundation of draws, reloads and movement that I could do without thought, allowed me to focus on the shooting. I made GM this year, my draws/reloads/movement is not much better as I was as a B, the gain was in the shooting. In the higher rankings your going to have to do it all anyways, so it doesn't really matter which one you develop first.
  13. Kali


    On trigger control...I would agree. Most of my misses are due to my triggering vs my sighting/aiming/calling.
  14. Kali


    I can tell you here in the 2 years where I shoot no Production shooter has ever beaten a real A class open shooter ... I've been shooting Limited the last couple years but in 2012 at the Steel Nationals I shot my Production gun. Guy right below me was an Open M, a couple more below him was another Open M and I'm sure a few A Open shooters. I'm not going to check everyones classification, but you get the idea. As far as front sight or target focus, basic definition of calling your shot is "knowing". Vision is the primary intuit for that...but not the only one. Some shooters have the ability to shoot by kinesthetical awareness. Think Taran Butler cleaning a plate rack from the hip.
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