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  1. this is true, just recieved my HBTP 124g 9mm. HBTP = hollow base thick plate. I have yet to load any. I recieved about 200 from berry's for testing. I haven't had any issues yet but I've only run about 100 of them with working up the load to major. I'll probably stick with my 124JHP's for matches
  2. dont forget the min pf for ipsc vs uspsa. And the fact that most open shooters in the us try to stay between 170-175. When I borrowed a gun in Sweden for an IPSC match the loads were only a 161.78 pf and mine at home are a 171. Which would be about a 1298fps for the 161's and a 1379 for my 171.
  3. classifier match went well considering gun broke the night before and I had to go back to the Trubor which hasnt been used in over a year... posted these %'s ~79 ~76 ~74 hopefully a nice 80+ this coming weekend ;D
  4. ok thanks I just submitted a waiting list application so I'll be there even if I'm not shooting
  5. I was hoping someone here might have an extra slot for SS nats. I was unable to get one from my local club because they only recieved one but I would really like to go to the SS nats for the first time with my father (he has one). thanks, Jeremiah
  6. I worked fridays and weekends now :/ or I would... every weekend. I am however 70.15% B class now!
  7. if i could get 3 classfiers in i would but we're done for the year in this area... :/
  8. Looks great and maybe some day I could get it but as a college student building a 3gun rig I dont think I can do that... well maybe if I skip the rifle part but that would deffeat the purpose... What other options should I look into? I'll be shooting tac ops... thanks and great review!
  9. I might take you up on that sometime when we thaw out Well, I've seen people shooting 1/2 MOA at 600yds with a fairly stock Rem 700 5R and a bit under 1 MOA at 800yds. Are you looking for more precision than that? well I want to get the best rifle I can so I know If I'm not winning it's me. I have solidified my decision on the 6.5 Creedmoor. It's easy to get factory match ammo and I got to shoot one last winter out in AZ and loved that i could easily put 3 shots in a hole just over the size of one round! I won't be using a 700 action, I'll probably go with a BAT Machine, Stiller Precision, or Surgeon.
  10. well i might just get one now XD and something else later What scope is that? and did you build it or did someone do it for you?
  11. I plan to shoot up to around 800yds With the Creedmoor I would go with the Hornady A-Max 140gr 1/8 twist 26-28" For 6mmBR-DX with a 1/9 twist most likely.. and I'll pick the bullet that works best Going to try to contact Precision Rifle and Tool http://www.precisionriflesales.com/index.htm My main purpose for this rifle will be long range varmint(yote's) and other long range competition.
  12. I dont want to start a debate but I'm really new to long range and would like to hear what other's out there are using. I will most likely go with 6.5 Creedmoor or 6mm BR-DX. 6.5 Creedmoor is more available (THANK YOU Hornady) but I've heard alot of good about the 6BR-DX too. As far a stocks I like these http://www.precisionriflesales.com/riflestocks.htm I'll get the F-class, C-4, or F-T/R model. I'll take whistlepig's advice and go with a Kreiger barrel. I'd like to know what actions have preformed best I'm leaning towards one of these BAT, BARNARD "P", Borden, Farley BlackWidow, STILLER PRECISION, or STOLLE by Kelbly "Panda".
  13. I have always shot factory rifles (Savage's for the most part and 2 AR15's) BUT now I plan to build or have built an actual custom rifle. I'm debating between 6mm NORMA BR(Competition/Target/Varmints), 338Lapua Mag(Why not? ), .257 Weatherby Magnum (Varmints/Target/maybe comp), or some other varient of the 6BR family or maybe someone out there has a suggestion too. Also I believe I'm limited to a Rem 700 as far as actions so being the noob I am I would greatly appriciate your help and advice finding the parts I need. I have a basic list of my questions *WHAT CALIBER?!?!?! *Who makes superb match barrels? *Where can I get a stripped action *what stock? I'd like something like this http://www.mcreesprecision.net/ftr_pr_t.htm or http://www.6mmbr.com/catalog/item/1334860/1106772.htm or http://rifle-stocks.com/tactical_thumbhole.htm or http://www.competitionshootingstuff.com/ or this if i go 6mm http://www.competitionshootingstuff.com/id10.html *Who makes bolts with firing pins? *I want a super light trigger (1-2lbs) and I would prefer a safety *What type of bedding? Glass or Aluminum bedding block? *What other small parts and pieces? No Creedmoor or Grendel I've considered those and will eventually get the PT rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor Thanks In advance! ETA should I maybe look into other actions like these http://www.6mmbr.com/actions.html and find one with a 700 footprint or the Savage? SO MANY QUESTIONS
  14. That gun is marked already for high pressure loads and its wicked awesome to shoot!!! try 115's at 1.160 or 1.150 with 7.0 grs or maybe 7.2 (start at 6.8 and work up) you only need to be doing 1435 to make 165.025pf major
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