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  1. I called BladeTech last month. They communicated no holsters were being made that were compatible with the RIA 2011 design. Asked about Para similarities, but they said no.
  2. I just finished this 9mm RIA Tac Ultra FS HC, with the help of Hayes Custom Guns for the slide milling. I was under the impression that Blade-Tech made a holster for this pistol, but they emailed me today and said they did not make a holster for this gun. I tend to think one of their holsters should work... The pistol is exclusively for 3-gun. I will not be installing a brake, and don't need DOH for this. Any suggestions for a kydex holster that's high quality for this use? Having a tension adjustment screw would be ideal.
  3. Issue resolved. After cutting coils off the spring with a 3oz buffer and still not getting PMC ammo to lock the bolt, I finally ditched the Seekins adjustable gas block. I could see carbon building up on the gas tube near the block, it was clearly leaking. With a non adjustable block everything cycles fine, back to a regular carbine buffer spring and the ST-T2 buffer, and everything cycles great. At this point I'm thinking of leaving it as is, unless others think I'm really missing something with an adjustable gas block.
  4. The BC gas key is solid and the rings are brand new. The entire RCA BGC is brand new. I will swap in my old Noveske BGC just to make sure that's not the issue.
  5. Photo seems to indicate the hole was centered. I can't move the block further to center due to the shoulder on the barrel. Since I'm running a carbine buffer spring is it a bad idea to cut a couple coils?
  6. This is the first upper I've built, so Im not sure if it is correctly aligned. It appears to my eye to be centered. After 20 rounds I am seeing carbon on the gas tube near the upper receiver.
  7. After 6 years of multigun my 18" Noveske Rogue Hunter upper is shot out. I decided to build an upper with a CMT billet upper, Ballistic Advantage 18" fluted barrel, Seekins adjustable gas block, and low mass RCA BCG, This is mated to the existing Noveske lower (which was very reliable with the 18" intermediate gas barrel) and has a Magpul UBR stock (carbine length), standard carbine buffer spring and Spikes ST-T2 buffer. During assembly I realized the old 18" Noveske barrel was an intermediate gas system, NOT rifle length. The new Ballistic Advantage barrel is a rifle length system and it is short stroking. I opened up the Seekins gas block all the way, swapped in an H buffer and eventually went down to a 3oz buffer. With relatively hot 77gr loads the rifle cycles, but with normal 55gr ammo it short strokes to the point where it rarely grabs the next round. I'd prefer to keep the UBR stock if possible. I read that the JP captured spring buffer system may be a solution, but before I invest that cash I am curious if there's a better solution. Although it is a dedicated competition gun reliability still matters. It seems opening up the gas port may be the other solution, besides converting a rifle length buffer tube. Is there anything else I should consider?
  8. It was the shell plate being too loose. I've not had that issue with 223 and pistol cartridges. Always learning... Thanks for the help!
  9. I'm attempting to reload 308 Win and having a problem seating CCI 200 large rifle primers on my Dillon 550. I bought the Sinclair Primer Pocket Uniformer hoping this would fix the problem. Unfortunately, as pictured, the primers are still not seating to the correct depth. Any ideas what's going wrong here?
  10. First time shooting the He-man and I'm stoked! First time flying to match as well... Any idea on the total round count I should plan on? As well, what is the max number of shotgun shells that could be needed on any given stage? Thanks
  11. As it turns out 1.150 ran perfect. Thanks for the help! Now I need to learn how not to spill 7.5gr HS-6 in those small 9mm cases and all over my Dillon 650...
  12. 1. Those were Federal Match small pistol primers. I also have CCI 500's and 450's. Unfortunately no 400's. 2. The only powder i have is TG and HS6.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I am still using the factory spring, but have a new 15 pound spring on my bench. Either way it sounds like the bullet is hiitng the lands. I'll shorten to 1.150 and see how that goes.
  14. I've finished my M&P Open build and if looks could kill I'm there, but functionally I'm not there. This is my first Open gun, so I'm in the process of working up major loads. Up to this point I've been shooting Production and my reloads have been: 124gr MG JHP's 1.120 COAL 4.0gr Titegroup These have run flawlessly in my factory M&P barrel, around 5k rounds with no malfunctions. Enter the Storm Lake barrel as part of my new Carver M&P Open kit (nice fit and finish). The reloads above are "nose diving" into the bottom of the feed ramp. I called Bobby (nice guy) w/ Carver who I bought the kit from and he says the COAL is too short, that's why they're getting stuck on the bottom of the feed ramp. Bobby suggested that I measure some factory 124gr JHP's, and so I measured factory 124gr Gold Dots. They are 1.06 - much shorter. Onto the major loads which are longer COAL and are also creating a different problem. With the intention of working up to major I started at: 124gr MG JHP's 1.160 COAL 6.5gr HS-6 The round is no longer getting stuck on the feed ramp, but the problem I'm having with these reloads is what seems to be light primer strikes. NOTHING has changed with the trigger, sear, striker, springs, etc since installing the Carver kit. However, I did install the Apex comp kit a couple years ago. It's been great with no problems. So it seems 1.160 COAL is too long for the barrel to completely lock up, and this is causing the light primer strikes. Sooooo, reloading components are in short supply these days and I'm trying to avoid burning through anything that's unnecessary. Any suggestions for an effective COAL for major loads with my configuration?
  15. Yes the mag catch is engaged. Although I could try remove more material on the back on the mag below the tooth to allow the mag catch to perhaps engage further. Pat, I'm considering getting the R&R mag well but with the additional cost wouldn't you consider just moving to the MKA platform?
  16. I'm having a big problem with my Saiga 12. I installed a Jack Travers magwell 2 years ago. It was a new Saiga at that time and so I had a lot of issues getting it to run, the normal gas issues and feed fork stuff. I've worked through all that and now it actually runs, EXCEPT it drops some of my mags. I called Jack, nice guy, and he told me that the mag well was perhaps mounted too far back. So I've moved it forward to where Jack said it should be mounted. But it's still dropping some mags. I thought maybe some of my SGM mags had worn down some over time as this was a recent phenomena. So last week I bought a brand new 12 round SGM magazine and reprofiled it VERY slowly, just enough so that it barely fits snug and allows the mag catch to catch. Tried out the new mag today and it drops. Damn. Not always, but even with some target loads it drops, and not every time. And some of my old mags don’t drop, even with 1600 fps slugs! I'm kind of thinking about just moving to the MKA 1919, but I have a lot of elbow grease, time and money into this gun. It runs, but not when the mags drop. I'm kind of wondering if the magazine release spring isn't strong enough to retain the mags during recoil... Any suggestions?
  17. I just placed my order for a LRP-07 a couple weeks ago, right before the Conneticut shooting (God rest their souls, and may the shooter burn in H-E-double-hockey-sticks for enternity). Looks like my timing was good, given JP's current website disclosure: http://www.jprifles.com/2.8.php Anyway, I'm excited to begin working up loads for this rifle. I am definitely going to load 125gr Speer TNT's for short range work. However, for 500+ yard shots I'm considering the heavier SMK options. Is there any reason I should start with 168 SMK's rather than just beginning with 175 SMK's? I see a lot of lighter bullets mentioned in the previous posts... I look forward to nailing as many bonus targets at MGM Ironman as possible.
  18. Thanks to Crimson Trace and the RO's for hosting the coolest match I've shot. Stage 5 was my favorite, full auto on stage 5:
  19. I'm using the Troy BattleRail. It's been very solid.
  20. I'll split the cost with you if I can shoot the match from the helicopter.
  21. Chuck - I just received this email: All, As you have been instructed – please bring a headlamp for the event! It is going to be DARK! We do ask, however, if at all possible you use a headlamp that a green or red light setting. We certainly do not want to disturb anyone’s night vision if at all possible. Thanks! Tiffany Hopp MarCom Manager I believe when I asked you at the Ephrata match in April you mentioned that night vision was either not necessary or should not be used. I've read the posted rules and didn't see anything specific regarding NV equipment and IR lasers. Can you clarify if this equipment will be allowed and is there any potential advantage, or should I just stick with white light and visible laser?
  22. Yeah, all of mine will do this at 25 yards too. Seriously though, I have 3 Noveske barrels, a 14.5, a 16.1, and an 18, and all of them are freaks when it comes to accuracy. I bet if you totally tie the gun down, you will see it even tighter, but who has time for that. LOL. Funny man. It was only 100yds but still very happy w/ the results. T Tattoo, good shooting. Believe it or not, you may still get better accuracy than that from a Noveske SS barrel! Cold, Thanks. I am going to try more than a 3x scope and a better trigger this weeekend. Thanks for the input. T Move the target further out too I know, zombie thread. But when things go well, as they often don't, it's worth mentioning. I'm getting that type of grouping at 200 yards with the 18" SS noveske barrel using 69 gr Sierra MK on 22.9 grs of H335. I'm pretty stoked.
  23. Thanks Nick. I live in Woodinville, near Hwy 2. I don't suppose you live in proximity to Hwy 2 or I-9?
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