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  1. I thought plated bullets should not go that fast or the plating sheers off. I like the Glock because it is light and easy to move. Having to find the dot every shot makes me more accurate. If I do not find the dot, it is a miss. When I find it, it is an aimed shot. Fun, cheap, shoot almost all "A"'s, but cannot hose the targets. When I had a pickup stage with 3 mandatory reloads, it was one fast gun. Like picking my car keys off the table.
  2. I have just started shooting open glock 17 and, at 15 yards, I have .5 splits. there is nothing in the way of flatness. I need to completely re-acquire my sight for the second shot on the target. I lose the dot and have to re-acquire it.
  3. I have found that True Bore makes a bull barrel like the one in the picture, even a bull barrel machined together in one piece with the steel comp. The advantage of this design is that when the slide locks, the barrel and comp are locked in place for great accuracy. This barrel takes precise gunsmithing. I suppose many people do not want to spend $3,500 for a race gun. One very lucky shooter here.
  4. Jimjoey: I believe you. I put golf lead weights on my aluminum comp G17 and the gun did not respond well at all. Fortunatly the weights fell off. Now I have ordered a tungsten guide rod wit captured spring. Pevious to my lone wolf barrel, I had a fat steel rod with OEM barrel which helped recoil very well, but it was too thick for the longer spring which came from Jaeger open kit. The Jaeger kit cannot be beat for reliablility, so I will have to see what this captured spring will do. I will not sacrifice reliability for faster splits.
  5. I don't know why I should remove the word "tap" from my vocabulary. This big ton fun is so soft and the trigger has no pre-travel at all and the release is sharp. So I literally tap the trigger lightly to get off 2 rounds. The muzzle does not move. I do not need any fancy Glock trick release-0f-cruciform-only kind of squeeze.
  6. The 2 port compensator has scoops in the holes and is supported by the guide rod which is attached to it. The barrel is cone-shaped with the fat part entering the compensator so it locks into the Caspian slide when the slide closes. They do not seem to make them like that anymore. It was hand-fit by a member of this forum who no longer does gunsmithing. I think it belongs in the Smithstonian, as a work of art.
  7. I searched but could not even find a steel compensator for a Glock being sold by anyone.
  8. I have 7.9 gr HS-6 with 124 FMJ MG which blows gas (no flames unfortunately). But my question remains. Does this gas through the compensator marketing ploy really male a predictable bounce, or is the muzzle just jumping around willy nilly. At this point, I think the new lightweight aluminum comps are mostly marketing hype for cheaper to make products. Yes, the gas pushes the muzzle; but is it a chaotic flight pattern? The unidentified heavy steel comp just moves up and down, but I am dragging an anchor around.
  9. Can anyone identify the compensator on my old McCormick 38super? I have a new build of an open Glock 17 in major 9, everything is lightweight. The comp is light aluminum. I almost never lose the dot on recoil with my 17 year old heavyweight. With the light Glock, I have to wait for the dot for my second shot unless I get lucky. Heavy is slow to draw and move, but as fast on shots as I can squeeze the trigger. I am told that it is the new gassy powders that explain the changes over the years, but I am not yet convinced that the newer is better than the older, and, being the curmudgeon that I am, tend to believe "newer" is not better, just cheaper to make.
  10. I had the same exact figures with my Glock 17. Major at 7.7 HS-6. some failures to cycle below 7.5 with a 12# recoil spring. 124 JHP Montana Gold. OAL 1.165. Lone Wolf barrel. Seems too easy, doesn't it?
  11. Is it possible to get off the second shot before the gun has moved off target? Center the dot and tap 2x with just the first sight of the dot? Or must the gun recoil first, then regain the dot before the second. Sometimes it feels as though I am accomplishing the former when I use one piece of tape for the 2 holes and I never refound the dot for the second tap.
  12. I have added a pic of my best gun--a McCormick 38 super!

  13. I started this thread so I will give my results. Apparently I am reinveting the wheel. Nonetheless, as I re-enter the sport, I hear of shooters no longer practicing because the ammo is too expensive since the great recession. With 7.7 gr of HS-6 my G 17 Lone Wolf 5 inch barrel with comp makes a PF of 167 at avg velocity of 1,343 FPS with a 124 Montana Gold FMJ OAL 1.165 (same as factory ammo). My once-used brass shows zero signs of pressure. No pressure signs on the primers. The gun shoots flatter. It sounds a little louder than factory ammo but I could probably not tell the difference between factory and major if I smixed the ammo. Glock tells me the g17 was designed for combat NATO rounds fired at full automatic mode. NATO rounds are unspecified, and up to the country making the round. NATO rounds are +p++ and Glock is fine with that. I have found no instance of a G17 going kb. Correct me if I am wrong. The main kb problems appear with the other Glock models. These days, I find it not surprising that newer products are not as good as older products.
  14. I took my unused Glock 17 and made it into a backup/practice gun because I get free brass nearly every time I practice. Of course, I reload. I do not want to pay for the brass to practice with my STI 38 super. This brass is expensive.
  15. Jeff P

    Glock thumb rest

    Let you know how long it lasts. One hundred rounds around 32 degrees seemed fine. No metal rods or screws to weaken Glock's ability to pass shock waves through plastic frame.
  16. Not possible to achieve major load factor, not for “normal” loading practices. I must just add that some are using slow powders which they then compress heavily to achieve higher velocities. However, the whole internal ballistic process is skewed and normal processes does not apply. For obvious reasons we do not endorse such practices for reloading purposes. Once compression is done in a caliber such as this, a situation occurs what is known as “Premature shot start” in internal ballistic terms. Because the loading density is high the projectile starts to move out of the way (displace) at a much earlier stage than would normally occur. Normal being the typical fast burning handgun powders used in calibers such as this. The result is that the initial combustion volume is much larger than what would normally be the case. In essence the caliber’s inherent parameters/characteristics are changed. The result is that displacement of the projectile can be as much 50-70% more than normal giving it the characteristics of caliber with a longer case length similar too i.e. 9mmx21/22 or 38Super ratios. Since the peak pressure now occurs when the bullet has moved further away the peak pressure is kept down and the impulse area is stretched However, it is not necessarily within the standard 9mmx19P <35000Psi pressure limit. Since most IPSC weapons are strong they will not show pressure signs. I did not say the volume was increased by 50-60 % but the displacement of the bullet. You must keep in mind that the peak pressure in a Handgun caliber such as this is reached before the base of the bullet leaves the case. Typically the bullet displacement in a 9mmP will be ca 0.016” when peak pressure is reached. What happen in your case that displacement is increased to ca 0.250” For perspective the peak pressure inside a handgun caliber are reached within 60 to 80 microseconds. 0.000060-0.000080 seconds. That theory of later combustion in the compensator is not true and the compensator works more effectively merely because of a higher volume and mass of gas when slower powders are used.
  17. I put an ICE magwell on by drilling a second hole above the first to make the magwell sit tight.
  18. Has anyone used a glue to put a thumb rest on their open Glock?
  19. I asked the same ballistician at Hogden: "Could 1,100FPS be achieved with a 147gr FMJ with any of your powders in +9+?" He responded: "No not for “normal” loading practices. I must just add that some are using slow powders which they then compress heavily to achieve higher velocities. However, the whole internal ballistic process is skewed and normal processes does not apply. For obvious reasons we do not endorse such practices for reloading purposes." Regards Johan Loubser Ballistician Ramshot.Accurate Powders 1,100 FPS???????
  20. No we do not make such a powder nor do any one else for that kind of velocity (a 5 inch barrel with 124 FMJ going 1,290FPS) Also the +P+ is an unofficial pressure limit which has not be quantified yet officially by any controlling/standards authority. The +p allows for an increase of 3500Psi on top of the standard 35000Psi which takes it to 38500Psi. That will be achieved if you typically increase the standard chargemass by ca +7.5% ca 0.4grains. However, that will only increase the velocity by ca 5.4% = 55Fps. To achieve the 1280-1300Fps you will have to increase the chargemass typically by 33.4% which will take the pressures in excess of 50000Psi depending on what powder you are using. I do not know of any gun maker who will endorse that kind of pressures. Regards Johan Loubser Ballistician Ramshot.Accurate Powders Tel: 406.234.0422 email: johan@ramshot.com WesternPowdersInc.Miles City.Montana. COMPANY WEBSITES/PRODUCTS: www.ramshot.com www.accuratepowder.com www.montanaxtreme.com www.blackhorn209.com
  21. "The Locking Block Pin, ( Second pin ) is not needed on the 9mm. It was incorporated into the .40 cal. pistols and to reduce inventory they made all the pistols with the Locking Block Pin. That being said, 9mm+P+, I would recommend you keep the Recoil Spring renewed every 5000 rds. Best regards, Doug Robinson Warranty Manager 770 432-1202 FAX 770 437- 4701 doug.robinson@glock.us" Does anyone think it is necessary to use special +p brass to shoot major 9mm with a Glock? Or is the +p stamp just for identification of the ammo? Also, From Glock's response, it appears going major with a G17 is no problem, despite what many people seem to think. A Glock 17 weighs 1/4 what other open guns do, and what is lacks in double tap speed can be made up with faster movement all over the stage?
  22. pmd: As I recall, I do not have to be a member of a club in order to compete IPSC there, but practicing at Harvard would require me to be a member there, correct? Also, they say IPSC rather than USPSA. Does that distinction have to do with a different power factor for major? Thanks, Jeff
  23. What is team firebird?

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