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  1. 2015 Oregon State USPSA Championship May 23-24, 2015 - Bend, OR COSSA Practical Shooters is proud to host the 2015 Oregon State USPSA Championships! This Level 2 match will consist of 8 action-packed stages with a 200 minimum round count all packed into ONE DAY of shooting. Come shoot to be crowned best in the state! More Information Online Registration
  2. Registration will open next week, so there are plenty of slots available. The main match will be on May 24th, 2015. That's Memorial Day weekend. I'm still working out some initial details, but here's the link: https://clubs.practiscore.com/2015-or-state-uspsa-championship/register
  3. Hey, Ryan. My thinking on the classifier was that shooting right to left allows me to shift my body weight to the right the further I get through the string. In theory I would be able to lean out of the box as I'm engaging the last (easiest) target. In practice I don't think it mattered too much I watched your star video again, and have another thought. Compare your starting feet position (after stepping off the barricade) to mine. I stepped to that position (even bobbled my left foot a little) thinking more about the exit than about stability for shooting the star. Since my right foot was back and my left foot was forward and balanced on the fault line, I was able to thrust out of there pretty quickly. Hope to see you in Albany again sometime soon. I won't be there next month, but maybe in January. Also, I'm the MD in Bend. Come out and shoot with us sometime! We're hosting the OR State Championship next May. Cheers
  4. Two possible approaches: Step 1. Shoot the illegal stage. Step 2. Go talk to the MD / Stage Designer about the stage. If you don't know him personally, be polite and offer solutions. If he is your friend, flick him a ton of crap. OR Step 1. Shoot the stage in balls out, Hero-or-Zero mode Step 2. Did you shoot the stage well? If yes, shoot the rest of the match and go on with your life. If no, ARBITRATE and get it tossed out.
  5. Hey, Ryan. I'd echo what everyone else said. I have the benefit of having shot that same match. One thing I did on the star stage was get indexed on the first target way before I hit the box. It shaves off at least .25s. I'm not a great shooter by any means, but maybe some things from my match can help. Cheers
  6. Thanks! I did not have the .12 apk, so this helps a lot. Actually, can you reupload it please. That file is 25kb and won't open. Thanks!
  7. Agh, upgraded my NST to .13 before I saw the bug report... how do you downgrade to .12?
  8. More practice - his hands will callous up and the tape won't be a problem If not that, then rubbing something over the surface of the tape to knock it down a little also works. My concerns with tape are usually the strength of the adhesive. They usually don't stick to the gun well enough for me.
  9. Oh you'll get a little bit of comp leading even if you spray your comp with case lube before you shoot it. But it won't be bad enough that you have to clean it all the time. I'm on 3,000 rounds of 125gr moly over HS6, and I haven't cleaned my comp yet. When you lube the comp, the new lead tends to not stick too well, and the pressure from the blast actually clears a lot of stuff out. I don't think I've had any new accumulation in the last 1,500 rounds or so.
  10. I use 125gr Bear Creeks in my 9 Major. I spray the comp with case lube before each shooting session, and it is fine. Accuracy is decent but could be better. I know a guy (very good Open shooter) who shoots 147s in his gun. He says that the 125 molys can't stabilize at the higher velocities and, hence, have worse accuracy. I'm going to try 147s to see if the feel is ok or not.
  11. Squad Lists are now online. Get signed up, guys! Match is about half full - so there's still room!
  12. This all happened last time Obama got elected. As I recall, by 6 months things were becoming available again. I personally see no reason why it shouldn't be the same this time around. Of course, I'm an optimist by nature.
  13. Besides what has already been said, the easiest thing for you to work on would be to economize your motion. Newer shooters think that moving-while-shooting is always faster... the truth is that it is sometimes faster depending on your skill level. What's more, moving-while-shooting can actually be a liability if you fall into the mindset that you should always be moving (and thus create excess motion). Case in point. Check out your last shooting position in video one (the spot with the barrel port). For those last five targets, I count three steps taken. You engage the first target, take two steps, engage the next three, then step back (!) to engage the last target through the barrel. From my perspective, all of those could have been engaged from a single spot. It would have been much faster (not to mention more stable) for you to rush to that spot, plant, and shoot away. Another spot I see that could have been beneficial to plant and shoot would be at the second window port. In your run, you got deep into the port to engage the targets. Then you backed out, did an unnecessary reload, and engaged the first target on the left. The more efficient way to run this would have been to plant a couple yards back from the port, engage everything, then pivot left and engage that first target (which would have been visible from the further back position). Then reload while rushing to the last position (as stated above). Once you have a good grasp on economy of motion in your stage breakdowns, then you can start factoring in little bits of moving-while-shooting to lower your times. But to do the latter first is to get the cart before the horse.
  14. I haven't tried cleats for USPSA yet. What kind of surface are you guys using them for? My local range is made up of fairly loose gravel. How would cleats operate on that surface?
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