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  1. The Range Officer it is. I've got a techwell already and I'm going to order mags, a Dawson front fiber, and some bullets to feed it with.
  2. USPSA Single Stack. I should add that my budget is a grand, thats what prevents me from getting the Trojan. I can get either gun for under $800 so I planned the remaining $200 to go to bullets and mags.
  3. So heres the question I propose to you all, mainly because I can't make the decision on my own, SA RO in 9mm or Bul M-5 in 9mm. I have a SA Trophy Match but I've been thinking about making the switch to 9mm. The Bul has more features like checkered front strap, front cocking serrations, fiber front, and ambidextrous safety. The Range Officer doesn't have the checkering, serrations, or the ambit-safety but has adjustable sights and is built on the same Match frame and slide fit my TM is. Both are similar in price, and I just can't decide. What say you? Bul M-5 SA Range Officer
  4. I was about to post that same thing until I got to page 5 and found this. Google image search and last time i check it was the first image that came up.
  5. Put me on the list for one. Also If you need cold weather testing, I'm your guy. Here in a about 3 months Interior Alaska will be fully into its -50 degree weather.
  6. I've had mine for a year now and its still buttery smooth. It has actually converted one ghost guy and a CR Speed guy.
  7. I had a GoGuns Duster on my limited and now my open gun. I love it, I was going to have another set of holes drilled between my C-more mount screws but couldn't wait to shoot my open gun with it. I ordered both of mine from shooters connection. When I mounted it I left one of the original screws in there for the mount and used the other four from the GoGuns Duster
  8. yep, then use a dental pick scrape out the corners.
  9. Shot a match last weekend. Gun feels so much better now with the reduced grip size. As promised here are some finished pictures post match. Thanks again for the information in this thread.
  10. Why? Because I couldn't take the grip off my M&p when I did it. I wanted to make sure the mag well would fit plus I was doing draws trying to decide how aggressive to go with the stippling and where I didn't want to stipple.
  11. So I found this thread while debating on buying a reduced grip or doing it my self. Thanks to you G-Man I did it myself. Here are some pictures, I'm in my Chem 106 clas right now but later tonight I'll add some more photos. I followed your direction and removed a large amount from around the front and sides of the grip. I also under cut the trigger guard and smoothed the edges. Had to pause to get a drink. One side done working around the front now. I left the under cut arear and a little below it unstippled because I fell that with that area smooth I get a better draw. I did the same think with my M&p when i was shooting production. The last bit of stippling is fastest part. Every time i stipple something it always seems to go so slow until the last little bit. Done.... Finally I really really like the size of the grip now. Before it was so large that I never really felt like I had a good purchase on the gun. Thank you so much G-man for the write-up.
  12. Are they any smaller than the plastic ones?
  13. If you find another let me know..... On AR15.com there is talk about using airsoft as a training aid but not in the competitive sense.
  14. Gimpy_ak

    Which Hi-capa

    I have a TM Hi-capa 5.1 that fits perfectly in a CR Speed WSMII (and also in a Double Alpha race master) Awesome, thanks.
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