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  1. Sorry, i thought you wanted a master model to scan and print in 3D Have fun guns
  2. Can you get a friends 2011 and scan it..... Or get and Airsoft 2011 ( Hi Quality)......Just say'n.
  3. I find that i can more "easily" shoot a tighter group with my SVI than my STI......same ammo ect Now the guns are tuned up and yes the SVI is heavier....but the AET is just easier to get a tight grouping.....just say'n.
  4. Nice.....I remember my unboxing I hope you have lots of fun times together
  5. 4000 rds and its just begining to break in....nice and smooth
  6. I've got an STI 2011 Eagle that I'm planing on shooting in minor (.40)....
  7. I'll shoot mine till it dies......then it's a rebuild.
  8. Keep everything as is..... Use a lighter load and change to a lighter main and hammer spring....no fuss no muss.
  9. Steel is whats needed for a high round count gun. Steel is real
  10. If it's the plastic grip.....you may be better of getting anothe one.... or upgrading to an aftermarket model.
  11. It's up to your imagination and wallet Here's my STI Eagle 5.0...... And here's the utimate upgrade to my STI.....
  12. Are they worth the $$....IMHO YESSS...Every pennys worth. I am now using my SVI as my main gun with my STI as my back up. Something about steel ( agressive texture or not) that you notice straight away....a total lack of "flex"...that's the only way i can discribe it My new SVI My Original ( now back up STI) And before it starts.....7/10 of my STI mags WORK GREAT in my new SVI gun. without modification.
  13. It depends on what you want ot do to it.... This is my STI Eagle ( I've had an Edge also )
  14. Still playing with my new SVI..... I've found that some of my old STI mags seem to work fine in the new gun...Hmmmmmmm.
  15. A "easy fix".....you get an SVI for you....your wife gets your current gun and gets into the USPSA or IPSC game. Win Win
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