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  1. Apex has made a change recently to the semi fit barrels. I have 2 older M&P pros, got first Apex barrel a couple years ago and it wouldn't go in either slide. Had to remove material in every spot to get it to fit. Got a second barrel about 2 weeks ago and it dropped in without touching it.
  2. 69bowty

    Firing pin spring

    Wow! I had something similar happen on a 1911 only at make ready.
  3. 69bowty

    Firing pin spring

    I will check the pin length and confirm that it is ok. When I pulled the slide off at my club match the rear of the firing pin was flush with the pin retaining plate so the hammer wasn't hitting it. To get me through the match I stretched the firing pin spring and I didn't have another no strike the rest of the match.
  4. 69bowty

    Firing pin spring

    Yes, using the CGW extended firing pin.
  5. 69bowty

    Firing pin spring

    My SP01 Shadows has the CGW 11.5 main spring, their firing pin and spring. I've never had a light strike on any primers. Couple weeks ago at Area 4 i had 3 failure to fire on the first shot, it happened again last week at our club match. I was finally able to recover the round and there was no mark on the primer. It appears the firing pin spring was not returning the firing pin back far enough. I've never heard of anyone having that issue so thought I'd post it to help out. I've added the firing pin spring to the trigger return spring and slide stop in my repair kit.
  6. Any luck finding one?
  7. Any idea where to find one? I also suffer from small hands/short thumbs. I saw one on ipscstore.eu but nothing in USA.
  8. Does the mag release fit the SP01 Shadow?
  9. The benefit is you don't get bumped to open. The hammer must be all the way down.
  10. I use a silver sharpie
  11. More discussion here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=219790&page=1
  12. I have one on my 650, to get it to line up the bullet feeder is mounted to the left of the press. I'm using a strong mount, I used a piece of angle iron mounted in the same holes as the press do no drilling.
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