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  1. Nope, I got a text from the seller, it's all cleaned up and boxed up, ready to go, as soon as my money order gets to him! Thanks for asking..... Trvlngnrs
  2. Thank you everybody! Going to send off a money order tomorrow for $950 for the PM9. It'll include 3 mags and three recoil springs of differing weight. I'm really looking forward to this gun, as all my other handguns are polymer! Thanks again for all your advice! Trvlngnrs
  3. Hi, I'm looking at the possible purchase of a Dan Wesson Pointman 9 (PM9). can get it for $900 shipped to my LGS. The only question I have, is if it is possible to bobtail a gun aftermarket? Can it be done? How much would you guesstimate it to cost? How's the reliability? Regardless, I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase the gun, I was just curious....... Thanks Trvlngnrs
  4. Wow, you guys are awesome. I posted this same question on some other forums and haven't recieved 1 reply! Thank you very much for your advice! I got a couple photo's of the PM9. Is the rubbing on the bottom a concern? The owner says there is an "idiot mark" from impropper disassebly, but I don't see it.
  5. Hi everyone, I'd like your opinion on a gun purchase. I'm wanting a 1911 9mm. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices: 1) New STI Guardian $999 + S/H 2) Used Dan Wesson PM9. Reportedly 90% - 95% new condition. Asking $1,000 shipped. It's an online purchase from another forum. I understand they are both fairly nice guns, and the pricepoint is do-able for me. I realize that the STI is a bit smaller, that isn't real important as I have M&P's and Glock's that I carry, so I likely wont be carrying this gun. What are your thoughts on the two choices please? It'll be used mainly at the range, but it's main purpose is "because I want it" :-). I don't own any 1911 designed guns. Thank you in advance!! Trvlngnrs.
  6. Thanks guys, the door does open all the way against the other doors, so it can get out of the way.
  7. My 550 just arrived, here is my setup so far. I made the bench out of oak plywood with lots of 2X4 bracing underneath. Used a low gloss polyurethane finish on top. Doesn't flex at all. I haven't mounted the press yet, still trying out different locations. I may just clamp it down for a few test loads before mounting. I added storage to the sides of the workbench area to hold skinny things I'll be using alot, like the primer tubes, flip tray, case guages, etc.
  8. Double Yeah!! Received an email from Brian about my missing 9mm dies, they are already enroute to my home! Good job Brian!! Trvlngnrs
  9. Yeah!! My 550 with a bunch of goodies arrived Friday. It's my first reloading press. I ordered thru Brian on Feb 16, so it took about 8 1/2 weeks. I ordered everything for 9mm and .40, but I didn't get the 9mm dies. I hope it doesn't take another month or two to get those :-( I have all the components for 9mm, but haven't found any .40 bullets yet.... just my luck!
  10. Thanks SD1... that makes sense. That's what I've seen posted, somebody charged then shipping occurred soon afterwards.
  11. Who did you order from? I ordered thru Brian. I just counted, I start the 8th week tomorrow. Hopefully it'll arrive this week.
  12. Should I worry yet?? I Ordered a 550 with all the goodies, along with .40 and 9mm dies and conversion kits on Feb 16th. The money was charged to my credit card a couple days later and a receipt was emailed to me. Haven't heard anything since. People who ordered after me have been getting their presses, or have been getting partial shipments on the available portions of their order.
  13. I just backordered 5,000 Federal Match SPP's at Brownell's.
  14. How are the presses delivered? UPS, USPS...? I have a 550 in the pipeline, but I'm leaving town for a week in March. Trvlngnrs
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