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  1. My son shoots it in USPSA limited minor
  2. They make great guns. Congratulations.
  3. Do you feel this helps with unloaded starts?
  4. What recoil spring rates are needed for 2011 sight block guns? Is there any difference to a standard 5” gun. The reason I ask is I’m having one built and I handled one at the range and the owner said he runs a seven pound spring in a .40 Caliber. That seems really light.
  5. I have his new book too. I like the plans for your current skills.
  6. I agree with Wilson. They just work.
  7. I have six MBX mags that work great from purchase. I just clean them after each match.
  8. sv45

    PCC Flag

    What is the rule for PCC for a chamber flag? Will wire ties work? My son wants to shoot PCC.
  9. Anyone running a racker on your limited gun? It seems where I shoot most of the stages are unloaded table starts. I have a bomar style sight, has anyone tried installing the zig racker into a fixed rear sight? Harrison makes a fixed sight replacement for a bomar cut. I’m not sure if there is enough height for the cut.
  10. Second for L10. Eric’s frames and parts are very nice.
  11. Try makeup wedges or sponges to clean after the solvent. Don’t knock it till you try it. It’s great for the rails in the gun.
  12. hey boss, you still have the cobalt rifle? i have a rusty kidd viper open gun in 38 sc i would be willing to trade. thanks


    1. sv45


      It’s gone. Sorry.

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