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  1. It;s 5 years old but it has fired about 5.000 rounds.Probably this dammage has created because of the use.My friend is 6+ feet tall and a litle overweight so the force he aplied to the extractor is more than the usual.... I cant'nt see any mark inside the frame to punch it out...
  2. Does any one knows if the 625 PC frame lug is interchangeable?and what is the part Nr to order it?? A friend of mine has this problem because the extended force to the extractor rod as you can see..And if its interchangeable is possible to change it by myself??Any help is apreciated.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/CRSpeedGear?ref=stream
  4. I use CR speed for my 625 and as you can see there is a ramp under the barell suport and some spare parts and inserts whith you can convert the holster to your gun requairments.For further infos ask Tazio Resca at FB.https://www.facebook.com/tazio.resca?fref=ts
  5. I am looking for Ti cylinder for 625 PC .Any help will be apreciated.
  6. I had the same problem and I dremeled the point where the ball starts the contact and allthe way untill it locks and now i have a very smooth open-close of the cylinder I mark the contact point with a marker first and then i start dremmeling.I mirror-polished it and now it works PERFECT!!!! Take a look at the next photos but the point was a litle difficult to take a shot.Any way i tried my best.
  7. I'd like to thank you all for the quick response and i'm thinking about the 20' any way thanks a lot!!!
  8. I intend to buy a .308 bolt for 300 mtrs shooting and i'd like to ask the better barrel length and twist for distances up to 500mtrs. Thanks john
  9. I hope it holds up better than the other plastic revolvers on the market! Thanks to all of you for your responses! I will be looking into some fiber optics for the front sight of both my 4" and 5" 625s, and will give those a try. (as soon as I can find them and figure out how to install them that is!) I would think it would help her, and I know I will like them. The last year i use this one on my two 625 s: http://www.lpasights.com/catalogTXT.html I think that they help a lot especialy if you are over 45 they are sets of front and rear FO .I sugest them!!!
  10. Ha David, you can't get me this year. I have adult supervision. Get ready for OUZO with or without your supervision
  11. I came back because the link does'nt work. At the ws site some of the stages are on, and soon will be the rest
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