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  1. Hey russell are these coated bullets?

    1. RussellM


      Yes, the are the newer red coating

  2. In this case I believe the RO would have needed to determine an accurate score on that target while also watching the shooter run the course of fire, although he was not running the timer. This was a level 4 match as well.
  3. Thanks for the clarification Sarge.
  4. I have a question on a prematurely pasted target situation that recently occured at a match. I would like to see if the correct call was made for this situation. Here is what happened. Shooter completes the course of fire. RO's start scoring the stage with shooter following them, as they turn a corner for a target in a port (one of the first targets shot) the target is in the process of being pasted (one hole) the RO says he saw the target and scores it so there is no need for a reshoot. Is this the correct call under the current rules?
  5. Here is what I have done to stop the stovepipes. My gun has made it through 6 or 7 matches without issue. 10lbs recoil spring Stock extractor spring Polish barrel chamber Win and RP brass and tumble after its loaded. Wipe rounds down with silicone gun rag Go through gun and deburr everything really well
  6. I like the henning .180 best. It makes the rear sight kinda tall but I really like the sight picture.
  7. What is the method you used to determine the proper depth of the extractor?
  8. Can a SBR be taken out of state now a days without prior approval from the batfe?
  9. I am going to start sorting my major match brass. The Ftf in the pic and the fte I had yesterday were with new federal factory ammo. I bought some just to see if it was a old mixed brass issue. I also got 6 new mags today to test.
  10. Hey guys, I have a pair of Stock 2's that are experiencing various different issues, I am looking for some advice on getting this stuff fixed. The first can be seen in the picture, the nose of the round jammed into the top of the barrel. What is the common cause of this? I suspect its the mag spring or feed lips on yhe mag spread apart. This gun has a brand new 10lbs recoil spring and the ammo is Federal American Eagle 147gr, its hot like 145 pf so it should be cycling the slide fully. The second gun has a issue with Stovepipes and the occasional FTE where the case stays half way in the chamber. I tried a new 9 marked extractor and oem spring and the issue got much worse to the tune of 10 fte's in 100 rounds. Then I polished the old extractor and put in a extra power spring with 1 coil cut off, that combo has stovepiped 3 times in the last 500 rounds including 2 at the bluegrass match last weekend. The ejector looks good and the recoil spring is a new 10lbs. One other thing I have noticed is if the look close at the pic the top of the barrel is starting to get peened over a bit more than I think it should be for 20k rounds, it that normal? The gun that likes to stovepipe has this aswell but worse.
  11. My best ever is a 2.25 all A's with a Stock 2. I average around 2.75. 25 yard head box run about 5.00.
  12. Is there a way to view the current squadding for a match before registering on practiscore?
  13. I am interested in shooting the match. Is there a link to squadding so I can see what is available before signing up?
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