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  1. I'm very happy with the trigger that came with my Rock River Arms
  2. It must be sold out. It's not on gunbot anymore either.
  3. Cabela's has Titegroup online, 1LB and 4LBs
  4. The phone numbers listed for the Holiday Inn and the Quality Inn are the same.
  5. The long range targets like at the NTMG matches are exactly what I'm preparing for. I got some 69gr smk's, so I'll zero with those. Thanks!
  6. I've just recently been able to shoot matches that have targets past 300 yrds so I'm starting to use heavier bullets for the far targets and 55gr for closer targets. Should I zero with the heavier bullet and just know my holds for the 55 grainers?
  7. Thanks to Robert and his team for putting on an outstanding match! I had a blast! Squad 21, it was great shooting with you guys.
  8. There's a Steel Match, 3rd Saturday near Waxahachie (same location as the DAPS USPSA match) http://northtexasmultigun.com/The_Steel_Match.html
  9. dab

    DIY Trigger Install

    Well, it's settled then. I'll do it myself. Thanks for the help!
  10. dab

    DIY Trigger Install

    I got an Edge Tigger from Glocktriggers.com for Christmas and now I need to install it. I'm new to Glocks and haven't taken one down beyond field stripping. I see installing the trigger myself could either be a great opportunity to get more familiar with the gun or an accident waiting to happen. Should I do it myself or take it to the local gunshop? Thanks.
  11. www.brunoshooters.com has primers if you are willing to pay....
  12. Can anyone recommend where to get these?
  13. dab

    Glock Mags

    Natchez has some Glock mags in stock.
  14. Could it be that since the 158's have a slower velocity, they are in the air longer before hitting 15 yards. Since they are in the air longer, they have more time to fall than the 147's. I don't know if 50 fps would make a 2-3" difference at 15 yards, though.
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